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Hemorrhoids in pregnancy - a problem after pregnancy?

Hemorrhoids in pregnancy - a problem after pregnancy?

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Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are still embarrassing, though a very common problem in many circles. It affects up to half of all pregnant women.

During pregnancy, women are particularly at risk of developing hemorrhoids. Varicose veins forming in the anus are caused by increased pressure exerted by the enlarging uterus, increased blood flow, which results in widening of the veins, their swelling and a burning sensation. Although hemorrhoids do not pose a direct threat to the fetus or pregnant woman, they are unpleasant and reason enough to fight them.

Causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids) may occur during pregnancy as a result of constipation, which is why it is so important to take care of regular bowel movements during pregnancy. In addition, hemorrhoids or so-called perianal fissures, which are often identified after bleeding from the anal area, may occur after delivery due to pressure.

How to prevent hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Preventing hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be very effective as long as we take care of:


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