Lower IQ? Winne fast food ...

Lower IQ? Winne fast food ...

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There are many reasons why you should eat a healthy diet. The last few days have brought more. Scientists who study everything in turn and each and every thing, this time looked at the diet of the youngest. They noticed that children who eat fast food have a lower IQ than children who eat nutritious meals, which seems understandable. The way we eat and the choice of nutrients in the daily diet has a direct impact on how individual organs develop, how the body grows, and how the brain develops.

Recent studies have shown that low in valuable ingredients and monotonous diet makes children have problems with focus and perform worse in tests on IQ. This is another confirmation of what has been known for a long time: how important is the high quality of daily meals consumed.

The discovery of recent weeks is a confirmation of earlier research published by the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, according to which children consuming French fries, pizzas as well as burgers and sweets acquire knowledge less well and have a lower level of intelligence than children eating wholesome healthy meals at home.


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