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Millet: properties. About how millet shortens the runny nose by two days

Millet: properties. About how millet shortens the runny nose by two days

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Millet is called the queen of groats. No wonder it gives infinitely many options for preparing meals. It can be served sweet or dry, eat hot and cold. It is the best base for preparing healthy sweets for children. Millet properties are simply amazing! It is worth eating it several times a week, because strengthens immunity and helps reduce the time of illness, much better than known pharmaceuticals. And it perfectly complements nutritional deficiencies, which is not difficult today.

Millet properties are increasingly appreciated

Millet is made from millet. It is a plant well known in our latitude, which has been rediscovered for several years. We will recognize her by the characteristic ones yellow fine grains with a black dot.

Some time ago, you could only buy millet in a well-stocked delicatessen. Today it is almost everywhere: in supermarkets, discount stores and smaller neighborhood stores. We will buy it in bags or in larger and smaller packages.

Millet - does not contain gluten

Millet is suitable for allergy sufferers and people intolerant to gluten. It works well in the diet of celiacs, for which it is advisable to disguise grains (to avoid ingestion of contaminated groats) or choose millet from a certified supplier that guarantees gluten-free.

Millet itself does not have gluten, but sometimes other grains may get into the package during its collection or packaging, hence the risk for people who are severely allergic or intolerant of even trace amounts should be taken into account.

Due to the fact that millet does not have gluten it can be given first when expanding your diet. Another argument for this is digestibility. Jaglanka is recommended for people with digestive problems. It cleanses the intestines and improves metabolism, therefore, slimming people who appreciate the fact that millet ensures satiety for a long time are also eager to reach for it. 100 grams of millet is only 370 kcal.

Millet health-promoting properties

Millet is a valuable, easily digestible source of protein, has little starch. Provides many vitamins from the group B - B1, B2, B6, iron (indicated for anemia), copper, vitamin E and lecithin.

Millet has a good ratio (2: 1) polyunsaturated to saturated acids. In addition, it is a valuable source antioxidants taking care not only of young appearance, but above all health, counteract inflammation and the development of cancer.

Millet anti-virus properties

Millet is great way to catch a cold. Its consumption improves immunity, helps to cope with most diseases, because it has antiviral properties.

Why the claim that millet shortens the runny nose by two days, just like known cold remedies? Mainly because has a drying effect, allows you to get rid of the remaining mucus, which is why it is recommended for runny nose and cough. Otherwise heats, which in the case of illness also helps recovery.

Millet is considered to be natural antibiotic, few people know that it also has antifungal properties.

Meet other natural antibiotics.

Millet properties supporting memory and concentration

Millet is natural source of vitamin E and lecithin, which support memory and concentration. It is worth giving millet just before exams or important tests.

Millet has beneficial effects on the appearance

Millet contains a lot silica, which has a positive effect on the appearance of hair, skin and nails. Its systematic consumption also has a beneficial effect on bone condition promotes their mineralization. Silicon is also responsible for faster metabolism, therefore, millet should be on the menu for people who care about slim figure.