Neosine syrup: reviews + side effects that are not talked about

Neosine syrup is a known antiviral drug. Eagerly served by many parents, especially since it is today available without a prescription (earlier due to medical indications). The reason is simple: the desire to bring relief to the child and reduce the duration of the disease, and preferably stop its development in the ovule. Who would have time to get sick today?

However, is this way of administering this type of medicine OK? What does the producer say?

Neosine: active substance

Neosine uses the inosine pranobex (as an active substance)Inosinum pranobexum).

How does Neosine syrup work?

The drug works on two levels:

  • antiviral, directly attacking viruses,
  • increasing immunity, allowing the body to fight infection naturally.

From what age?

On the official site dedicated to Neosine we read that the drug can be used in children from the first year of life. Syrups are recommended for younger children, and tablets are available for older swallows.

Nesoine syrup: indications

The source of knowledge is primarily the characteristics of the medicinal product. There we read that Neosine syrup is indicated in two situations:

  • when mucous membranes or mucus are infected by herpes or chickenpox / shingles virus,
  • for other infections (respiratory tract infections) in immunocompromised persons.

These are clear indications that have been forgotten today. Syrup is used much more often so that the child does not get sick ...

Neosine for a common cold?

Neosine syrup is served in many Polish homes for "ordinary" colds. Just in case, so that no other infection develops.

Is it good idea?

Unfortunately, not so much because, first of all, it makes the body deprived of the chance to develop natural immune responses, it becomes more vulnerable the next time it contacts the virus. Secondly, any drug, including this one, can cause a long list of side effects - abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness, insomnia.

It should also be remembered that Neosine should not be given together with vitamin C.

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And what do you think about Neosine?