More parents do not vaccinate children - greater awareness, fear or recklessness?

More parents do not vaccinate children - greater awareness, fear or recklessness?

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From year to year, the number of parents evading vaccination of children is increasing. It is difficult to obtain unambiguous data, because the assessment of the problem is based on imperfect forms of studying the scale of the phenomenon. Currently, 19,000 people are being talked about, a year ago the number was lower, over 16,000.

The group of people skeptical of the current vaccination calendar is still growing. The awareness of the problem is also greater. The topic of vaccine safety and vaccination reactions is increasingly being discussed in the media. There is no shortage of discussions on how the pharmaceutical market operates, it is increasingly said that coercing vaccination carries more harm than good. The question arises - if it is so good and effective, then why do you need to force vaccination? The result is that today there are twice as many parents as vaccinated as four years ago. And all indications are that this number will increase ...

Incomplete data

It is difficult to say clearly how many parents do not vaccinate their children.

The data presented above relate to parents who are directly forced to sign the so-called refusal to vaccinate, by the way, according to STOP NOP, which is unlawful. However, there are many parents whose "system" cannot see. Many use different strategies that allow them in the eyes of the "system" to be seen as parents who want to vaccinate their children, but the moment of going to vaccinations under various pretexts postpone.

Greater awareness

Knowledge about vaccination is constantly growing.

Most people still vaccinate without reflection, without basic information about the composition of the vaccines, their effects and possible side effects, but from month to month the number of parents who ask for an individual set of benefits for a given child increases, analyzing whether vaccination is good idea.

Parents do not want to vaccinate children because they are afraid of unwanted vaccination reactions. Seeing negative reactions in their children, they are simply afraid. Instead of support at difficult times, they are confused by doctors and officials. The situation is exacerbated by the voice of persons injured as a result of vaccinations. The growing scale of serious post-vaccination reactions: autism (recognized as NOP outside Poland, officially not in our country), neurological disorders, inhibition of development forces reflection, which all this leads to. Parents have increasing doubts. They remain unanswered the questions about the growing number of hospitalized children, the growing immunity problems in the youngest.

Parents are aware not only of vaccine activities, but also have knowledge about their rights. They know that they must agree to a risky medical procedure, which is vaccination. They are aware that in the event of complications, the burden of responsibility will rest with them.

Olive oil adds to the fact that reporting NOP (undesirable vaccination reaction) in Poland borders on a miracle. Doctors with great resistance confirm that the deterioration of the child's health is related to vaccination, while the Act recognizes all changes related to vaccination as a temporary one as NOP.

There is also a problem with the compensation system. A parent forced to vaccinate in case of problems with the child's health cannot count on financial help. Compensation systems exist in 13 European countries. We have not been able to create such a system for years.

The topic of vaccination of children is controversial. Proponents argue that non-vaccination is a symptom of extreme stupidity, and they are of the opinion that parents should not be allowed to decide whether to vaccinate or not to vaccinate their children.

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