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Why Cry Mini

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Carrying a child under each heart, every expectant mother wonders how it will be many times. After birth, we try to face the challenges and meet the expectations and needs of our Toddler. There are situations, however, very often when discovering the cause of a baby's crying becomes impossible. Then we start looking and checking. Diaper? No. Tit? No. Heat? Cold? No no. Tummy? Fun? Fatigue? Light? No, no, not again. At some point, we spread our hands helplessly. I could use some help. Clearly identify the cause of crying and how to help your child. In such moments, we would give a lot for a good direction.

Knowing that Spanish Professor of the Polytechnic of Catalonia Pedro Monagas devoted 4 years of his life to analyzing the cry of children. The result of his work is a product called WHY CRY. Tests showed about 95% effectiveness in indicating the cause of a baby's crying. Is it possible for a small device to be so effective in communicating with a newborn baby? If this statistics were confirmed, it would be an absolute phenomenon and a huge breakthrough!

Why Cry after 10 seconds of analyzing and decoding a baby's crying determines its cause, indicating one of the 5 most common. And so the reason may be: hunger, drowsiness, boredom, irritability or stress. In 2002, the New York Times chose WHY CRY as the "Best Idea Product in 2002".

Hopeful and focused on absolute success, I decided to test this device. For better testing, I asked my sister-in-law to also try on her son. The device was used for 3 months.


  • A small, aesthetic device, without edges, in child-friendly colors
  • Discreet operation, no irritating "peaks"


  •  Analysis time - Unfortunately, it doesn't take 10 seconds, at least a dozen or so, before WHY CRY indicates the cause of crying. In addition, if the child cries "interrupt", the device is unable to continue the measurement and resets the analysis, displaying everything saying "error". Then the measurement should be performed again.
  • Effectiveness - 95% is definitely an exaggerated result. 3% would already be an abuse. I made my first measurement after waking up the baby, after feeding and rewinding. Then, as she put her daughter to bed, she began to cry. I withstood a roaring for a few seconds to analyze. WHY CRY indicated hunger. I assumed the device was pointing correctly. Unfortunately, the daughter no longer wanted to eat. WHY CRY was wrong. It wasn't an hour before I could use the device again. Again, the analysis pointed to hunger. Basia did not eat anything again. For it she made a diaper, so the crying detector should rather indicate irritability or possibly stress. My husband and I decided to subject WHY CRY to a vile test. First he began to cry with tears. After several seconds it turned out that ... he is hungry! In my attempt, I decided not to cry, but laugh. I was also hungry. On this day, WHY CRY was tested about 20 times. Each time the device indicated hunger. In subsequent attempts, we committed an extreme challenge, crying and laughing together into the microphone. Of course, we were hungry again. For all the tests (and there were a lot of them, maybe even several hundred), during which we only pretended to be tests several times, each time the analysis pointed to hunger. In one case it was boredom. Every sister-in-law, in turn, received a hint that her son was bored every time. WHY CRY analyzes the frequency and amount of crying of a child, so maybe the difference in reasons lay in the gender difference of the children who tested the device?
  • Price: WHY CRY can be bought for 199 PLN plus shipping costs. In my opinion it is too expensive for a completely ineffective gadget.

To sum up, WHY CRY is a gadget that can arouse interest. His PR on websites makes him become in our consciousness a reliable and substantive helper of a young and lost mother. Unfortunately during use it comes to light that except for a nice appearance, it has no value, and you can certainly not talk about credibility.

The measurement is made for a very long time, definitely longer than 10 seconds. In addition, if the child does not cry like an alarm siren but merely sobs, the device will not measure at all. I can't imagine a mother who, instead of intervening while her child is only moaning, will be waiting for her to cry for good to measure.

The more that the effectiveness of the analysis can not be counted. In my case, I would not give this device more than 2-3% efficiency. My sister-in-law confirms my assessment. An additional complication I didn't mention before is measurement distance variability depending on the child's age. With a newborn baby it is 20 cm, then this distance gradually increases. Which mother would bother remembering the distance chart or glance at it before measuring? And since it matters so, it would be good to use even a ruler to get this distance. Sorry for the irony, but I find it absurd.

The producer claims that the child understood in adulthood is even smarter by up to 25% than peers who were not understood, and their parents each time "searched" for the cause of crying. What's more, the calculations made suggest that within the first year of birth, our child spends up to 17% of its life trying to communicate with us crying. WHY CRY aims to help lower these statistics.

And although the idea of ​​creating a device that can help the child understand and thereby shorten his crying is absolutely accurate, WHY CRY does not meet expectations. I am not even surprised by WHY CRY's choice as the best product idea by the New York Times in 2002, because it is indeed a great product idea. And just an idea. We still have to wait for the implementation of this idea.

Although Why Cry Mini has a positive opinion on many portals, tests of our two authors showed that it does not work in every case. That is why, despite positive contacts with the device's distributor and a friendly staff, we cannot leave a different opinion than the one presented above. Perhaps thanks to this it will be possible to refine the device so that similar opinions to those above do not have to appear. At the moment, however, our tests were negative. We keep our fingers crossed for a device to be invented that really helps in every accident, at least in most situations, to recognize a child's crying.