Fish oil for children - yes or no?

Fish oil for children - yes or no?

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Tran is one of the oldest dietary supplements. Well known to our parents and grandparents. Decades ago, it was served in every Polish school in its pure form, which is easy to guess, it was not enthusiastically received. Today, fish oil for children is available in flavored versions, in the form of convenient capsules and even jellies. All this so that children would love to eat fish oil. The question, however - is it worth it? What does fish oil give us, and should you choose this supplement, worry about heavy metal pollution? Can fish oil be overdosed?

What exactly is fish oil?

Tran is nothing but concentrated oil obtained from fresh liver of Atlantic cod or other fish of this family. Sometimes fish oil also refers to oil obtained from other fish: shark or halibut. However, the term generally refers to oil obtained from cod fish.

Baby oil: advantages

Baby oil is given for two main reasons, firstly because it is a rich source of omega 3 and 6 and secondly, because provides vitamin D3. Two of these substances are extremely important for health and often present in insufficient amounts due to a diet low in fish (omega 3 acid) and insufficient exposure time to sunlight (vitamin D).

Deficiencies of these components mean that the child's body does not function properly, the toddler does not have optimal conditions for development, especially the immune system suffers (susceptibility to diseases increases), and adverse effects on the development of the nervous system are observed. Insufficient amounts of omega 3 and 6 causes problems with defense reactions, it is impossible to create enough anti-inflammatory hormones.

In addition, in addition to omega 3 and vitamin D, fish oil is a source Vitamin A positively affecting not only eyesight, but also sealing the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, constituting a barrier against the penetration of viruses and bacteria.

Fish oil for children:

  • improves immunity,
  • supplements deficiencies and supports the body in natural defense reactions,
  • it is recommended for the correct growth of the child's skeleton,
  • supports the maintenance of strong and healthy teeth,
  • has a positive effect on the brain, learning ability, concentration,
  • improves eyesight.

Should every child get fish oil?

Classic fish oil is recommended for children over 4 years of age. However, the pharmacy has preparations available that have a convenient form and a fruity aroma, already recommended for infants.

Fish oil is recommended for children who do not receive vitamin D or A in another form. It is important because the administration of fish oil and synthetic vitamins can lead to an overdose in an extreme situation.

Fish oil allows for replenishment of vitamin D deficiencies Doctors recommended that this vitamin be given to babies who were breastfed a decade ago (babies fed on modified milk received the vitamin and the mixture). Modern research results, however, confirm that it is worth providing vitamin D with pills or capsules for much longer, because most children and adults simply do not have enough, which results in lowering immunity, apathy, and weakening concentration. Read more.

However, you should know that fish oil is not the only product that allows you to supplement vitamin D. You can simply reach for vitamin in capsules, available in every pharmacy.

What speaks for fish oil? Definitely a presence Omega 3 acids which allow you to provide a very important ingredient to those diet is low in fish. If your child doesn't eat a portion of oily fish at least twice a week, omega 3 supplementation is indicated. In this case, fish oil seems to be an attractive solution - it allows you to simultaneously provide vitamin D and supplement deficiencies of Omega 3 acids.

Baby oil - which one?

The great advantage is the variety of products in this category - we will receive fish oil in the form of syrups, drops, capsules, jelly beans, in a tasteless, natural version and with additives that change the taste of fish oil. On the market, we will receive products from various companies at different prices.

The problem is that it is difficult to objectively assess their quality.

After all, fish oil is obtained from fish, so it should have a guarantee of purity. Meanwhile, mercury contamination is being talked about ever louder. Getting fish oil from fish that is a source of heavy metals doesn't sound good.

How can you believe the producers that their product is of the highest quality? How to verify the quality of supplements offered? This, unfortunately, is quite difficult.

In addition, price may also be a problem. Providing fish oil in the form of jelly beans very much liked by children costs about PLN 50 a month for one child ... It is quite a lot, no wonder that for many parents this sum is prohibitive, especially since supplementation with fish oil should last for most of the year.


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