The development of a four-year-old - finally a break?

The development of a four-year-old - finally a break?

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You have a difficult and exciting time to look after a two-year-old. You know exactly what the infamous revolt of a two-year-old is. There are voices in your ears that you are in for a three-year rebellion. From other sources, you learn that children under the age of four (over three) allow parents to breathe. You can believe that the moment has just come when you experience the charm of parenting, you will notice that the toddler begins to listen and understand more. How is it actually The development of a four-year-old is a terrifying period full of contradictions, or maybe a moment of respite during which you can cut off coupons?

The four-year-old is lively, energetic and sociable. His body and mouth are almost constantly moving - the toddler talks a lot, asks a lot of questions, and in his free time perfects his drawing skills. Being with him is a great challenge, but also a great pleasure. Four-year-old is a great companion.

The development of a four-year-old: between the third and fourth birthdays

When we consider the topic of four-year-old development, we see a small explorer who continues to explore the world. He asks a lot of questions, has something interesting to say at every step. He greedily examines the environment and continues to ask "why", which can sometimes irritate, but you must realize that it is an important step in the development of the child.

The child at this stage:

  • can say his name and usually also his last name,
  • knows between 250 and 500 words,
  • pretends and fantasizes
  • correctly changes colors,
  • remembers nearby events,
  • uses time terms better - morning, evening,
  • correctly performs three-step tasks,
  • speaks full sentences, uses five to six words in a sentence,
  • tells interesting stories,
  • can group similar objects,
  • solves the first simple puzzles.

The development of four-year-old motor skills

A child in the fourth year of life naturally strives to perform a lot of tasks that are to practice fine motor skills. Has many achievements in this respect:

  • easily flips pages in a book,
  • can copy circles and squares
  • operates scissors,
  • draws simple faces and characters already,
  • builds a tower out of several blocks,
  • he dresses and undresses almost without help.

The development of a four-year-old: time of imagination

Nothing draws attention in everyday being with a child at this age, but the great importance of imagination, fantasizing and imagining uncreated things, but often in a way that indicates that the boy does not distinguish between what is real and what is "imaginary ".

Making strange stories shows how rich your child's imagination is, but on the other hand it is a great threat. For example, there are fears of a monster lurking under the bed, or a terrible witch who locks children in the basement ...

Emotional development of a four-year-old

A child in the fourth year of life becomes more and more emotionally independent, which can be seen even in the form of a smaller number of tantrums and hysteria. In addition, you can clearly see the social needs of the toddler, who is getting more and more joy of being in a group and in cooperation with other children. Toddler already understands perfectly the idea of ​​"mine" and "his". He knows who belongs to his family, he treats relatives and strangers clearly, imitates the family.

In addition, it shows a wide spectrum of feelings - to joy, to embarrassment, shame and anger, and its lability causes that from one to another feelings pass quickly.

The toddler learns to negotiate and resolve conflicts in contact with his peers. He can "play" politely, although he is constantly learning to show his own needs and manifest his desires.


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