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Diaper Billou review

Many parents think that there is only one option - disposable diapers. Meanwhile, there are other ways. One of the methods diapers bring modern, colorful reusable diapers. So conceived and designed that they perfectly protect and at the same time are delicate to the child's skin. They are great for children who have a problem with chafing and irritation.

An example of a well-prepared product in this category is the Billou diaper, which was specially tested for you by our little Tester - less than two years old Asia, who is slowly finishing the adventure with diapers. However, Billou caught her eye and pleaded, not to her parents' despair, to put her on not only for a nap. ;) Which proves that the diaper is comfortable and pleasant for children.

Billou nappies - for whom?

Diaper Billou is a Polish product available in one size. Diapers are made for children weighing from 3.5 kg to 16 kg.

Our little Tester weighs 11 kilograms. Fitting the diaper was not a problem, thanks to the well-positioned naps and the anatomical cut, it adheres well to the bottom, does not stick or press anywhere.

From the manufacturer's description on the page:

They are very practical during sleep and long walks. Vapor-permeable and waterproof PUL fabric from which they are sewn practically does not allow child's skin to sore, and the special design means that regardless of the type of absorbent body used, it always stays in place. Places where the swaddle comes into contact with the child's body are trimmed with a microfleece comfort of use.

Billou products are sewn 100% from Polish materials, athe composition of the fabrics has been chosen so that it is safe for children and the environment.

Our impressions

Billou diaper is colorful and simply pretty. Putting it on is much more pleasant than putting a classic disposable diaper on the baby's bottom. The material from which the diaper was sewn is also great - soft, soft and pleasant to the touch. The difference can simply be seen and felt, it is difficult to describe it in words, it would simply be worth checking in your home.

Absorption depends on the used input - on the market they are more "capacious" and longer drying and those that need to be changed more often, but they dry faster. Plus for sure the diaper sticks well for the construction, nothing sticks out and does not get outside. Like other diapers of this type, the "classic pee" does not require washing immediately, everything stops the refill that is inside.

Billou diaper price - 62 zlotys, availability here.

We recommend for eco parents and not only for conscious consumers who fight skin irritations. A proposal worth considering. Great, careful workmanship and beautiful designs.