Competition: top commentator in August

Competition: top commentator in August

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Dear Parents, we invite you to the new edition of the Top Commentator competition. As announced and this month we would like to present to a wider audience, that is, dear readers, products created with heart and with great commitment. The prizes are handmade products, i.e. fully original and unique.

Last month, the awards were traditional, classic cuddly toys made by Easy Mother, this time we would like to offer you Tilda style products, original and extraordinary. Perfect as a decoration for a child's room, as well as a children's toy.

Tilda is the name Scandinavian design, which is inspired by folk art and folklore. The originator of this trend is considered Tone Finnanger from Oslo, an interior decorator. The most characteristic of the Tilda style are elongated shapes and the atmosphere of romantic melancholy that conceal these ornaments. The dolls created in this style have wings similar to angels, and the rabbits have characteristic hats covering their heads quite strongly and the colors of clothes distinguishing their sex.

Tilda in the interiors is a raw decor, natural fabrics and whitewashed furniture. The toys created are made of cotton fabrics, wooden buttons, and wool. Part of this style are also decorations that you can win this turn of the competition.

And so the competition for a top commentator continues from August 4 to August 25 this year. The following prizes can be won in the competition:

  • the person who will leave the most comments during the competition he will receive the Tilda Rabbit mascot and the book "Your child happy in kindergarten"
  • for the person who will be awarded for the quality of the comments left the Tilda Rabbit mascot, Tilda Pony mascot and the book "Your child happy in kindergarten" will be sent
  • Additionally will be rewarded for participating in the discussion seven people who will receive a copy of the book 'Your child happy in kindergarten'.

This time in the competition for a top commentator we will be rewarding nine people! Remember, everyone who leaves at least one comment during the competition has a chance to win! And how? Like it? :)

We look forward to your comments!

Detailed regulations are available here.

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