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"I'm a fake mom ..."

"I'm a fake mom ..."

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The article "I am 30 years old and I have no children. Do you know why? ”, Published here, sparked a wave of discussion. In a few days over 16,000 people liked him. The entry met with a warm reception. Many people have tried to supplement it, because the problem of too hasty and unfair assessment is greater than we think.

I would add one more Woman / Women ...

A woman who, after years of trying for a child, adopted the most wonderful little boy in the whole universe :) Strangers, and the funniest thing - other women ask "with care" - are you not afraid of what is in your genes? Aren't you afraid that one day he'll grow into a drug addict or hack you with an ax? Nervous and screaming - any disorders? As with development - everything ok? I saw you with him at the doctor - is something wrong that he is sick? Any defects, hidden diseases? Is his real mom contacting him? What will you do if she ever says that she wants to meet a real mom? Will you tell him you're not his real mother?

Usually a woman already has in her head accurate answers and retorts. She learned this very quickly, politely, with a smile, with a slight dose of irony, answering all "wise" questions. But when she is alone, she sometimes cries.

Because of course he is afraid ... But not what everyone around.

She cries sometimes because she knows that her beloved child will come to face exactly the same questions, remarks from "caring" people. And she would love to protect them against it - even with her own body ... Despite being "a fake mom" ...

Adoption is no longer a taboo topic. Unfortunately, it is not free from myths. It is fearful because in many environments it is unknown, untamed.

The author of the above words points out that: today many people know a lot about in vitro, but they are still not aware of how the process of adoption, for example, is going. There is often a conviction that adoption is going to the center and choosing a child from those put in line ... That is why the adopted child's mother often meets with "silly" questions, As the author adds above words: "probably resulting more from ignorance and lack of awareness than from bad will. "


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