Since when can a child go outside alone?

Since when can a child go outside alone?

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I remember my childhood when seeing a three-year-old or four-year-old outside without an adult was the norm. Older siblings took care of the playing children, grandmother or mother watched behind the curtains in the kitchen. Today, this type of situation in cities is unthinkable. For people who live in a block of flats, it is still often unclear at what age is the first time you let your child go alone to a nearby playground. Is your five-year child ready, or does your toddler have to be six or seven? When is the right moment and what does the law say about it? What do you think about it?

From overprotection to lack of imagination

We live in a world where every accident is publicized. As parents of young children we are (at least in theory) aware of threats. We know about pedophiles and exhibitionists, we remember all possible accidents that have occurred on the playground.

On the other hand, we remember the times of our childhood when very early we had the opportunity to play alone and felt safe. That is why there are more doubts today: we want to be reasonable but not overprotective. We want to have independent children, but at the same time we notice a tendency to take extensive actions to ensure safety. Unfortunately sometimes we feel that we are exaggerating and that somewhere we miss the "golden mean" to which we should strive.

But the truth is, as parents point out at many online forums, that the risk is inscribed and exists regardless of whether the child is playing alone or close to the parent.

Even during innocent play in a nearby yard, a child can break his arm and we would love to, we can't prevent it. Despite the watchful eye, we can simply not manage to run up two meters separating us from the son or daughter, to catch the toddler before he falls. The effects of a fall can be different - from a banal scratch to a more serious illness - contusion, dislocation and bone fracture, which can result in plastering. Therefore, the belief that a child is safe with us is not entirely true. There are plenty of hypothetical adverse scenarios that can occur right next to the parent.

Of course, if we stay close to the child, we can prevent certain events or react in case of an accident. However, you have to accept that children's imagination and speed of action they surprise us so often we are helpless against current events.

Depends ...

There are a lot of factors that affect the age at which the child will first go out alone into the yard. The parent usually makes a decision when assessing the individual situation. It takes into account whether the block has a playground next to the cage, whether the child must reach it, "leaving" the parents out of sight, or must cross the street, how far to go. It matters whether we live in a tenement house or a block of flats, and even on which floor. The presence of other people on the square and the opportunity to observe the child during play are also taken into account.

It is not surprising then that the answers to the age at which a child can be alone in the playground are different. Some respond when they are 4 years old, others when they are 6 or even 8 years old. It makes no sense to evaluate each answer and make judgments about whether mom or father are overprotective or on the contrary - devoid of imagination. a lot depends on the child himself and the housing situation.

Since when can a child be alone outside the home? What does the law say?

The law does not specify this issue. There are some records, but they do not have direct reference to the child staying in the playground under the house.

According to the provisions of the Code of Offenses child up to 7 years old should not be alone in circumstances, where it can start a fire. Is there such a risk in the playground? The parent should answer this question himself.

The second entry concerns public road and rail vehicle tracks. A child up to 7 years old should not stay alone on poviat, commune, voivodship, national roads. Sidewalks between blocks in the residential zone do not belong to them. The parent, however, must assess the situation and pay attention to the danger caused by traffic and distance from the nearest street.

The third entry is about not leaving the child up to 7 years old in a situation, place that may pose a threat to his health. What does it mean? Unfortunately, this code does not specify, and this point can be properly classified everything. Any situation can be potentially dangerous.

The decision to leave a child alone should be made each time by assessing the individual situation.

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