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"Just breastfeeding"

"Just breastfeeding"

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"Just breastfeeding" may sound like a grim joke. For many women, natural feeding is not easy. For those who start without problems - the future can turn out to be complicated. The benefits of giving natural milk, however, motivate you to fight. Also by acquiring knowledge and reading books like this.

This is not a guide for women who have chosen, or for some reason remained without other options, a mix. It is so written, especially the initial chapters, that a young woman may feel bad, facing all the benefits of natural feeding that neither she nor the child experience.

However, if it is determined, it can work differently. The guide also deals with topics that can bring many problems - breastfeeding of prematurity, multiple births, clogged tubules, breast inflammation, breast abscess, as well as a description of any circumstances that impede feeding - feeding with cleft lip, reduced muscle tone, problems with heart or breathing, as well as feeding an adapted child or late feeding (not immediately after the birth of the child).

The authors at the very beginning write something important - it is a pity that they did not have the knowledge they currently have before when they needed it most. This would help them avoid many problems and ambiguities with breastfeeding.

As a mother who fed two children, who was not an expert in the subject, but simply a person who has their own experience - I agree. The book covers topics that have not been fully known to me yet. All aspects of feeding are presented in great detail, based on the latest knowledge (and this is changing). The authors face many myths, pay attention to problems with breastfeeding. They explain why it is so important to support and help people who are able to share valuable information. Unfortunately, there is a lot to be done in this respect. Even physicians, midwives, and healthcare professionals in general can consciously or unconsciously interfere with breastfeeding - making mistakes in the most difficult period when lactation is just normalizing and the baby is learning to suck.

The authors, who help mothers in breastfeeding on a daily basis, explain why this child should direct breastfeeding, why it is worth letting him join the breast, how it will be the easiest, advise to choose a specific position, and also explain what signals recognize if the baby is sucking effectively.

I recommend "Simply breastfeeding" to all mothers, including those who know that "straight" is not.

Thank you to Mamania Publishing House for sharing a review copy of the book.