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Fun for three-year-olds - activities without a TV

Fun for three-year-olds - activities without a TV

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A 3-year-old who is not in kindergarten yet or will not attend there in the future may have incredible energy to play with. The parent or guardian should show cunning and creativity to propose games for the three-year-old who will allow the child to explore the world, meet his movement needs and organize his time.

The point is to immerse yourself in the chosen activity together in such a way that it gives pleasure. When you feel that you are forcing or bored, it is worth trying something different, something that both of you will enjoy. They can be "gyms", "wrestling" on the floor, like unlimited physical games, as well as more complicated games for a three-year-old adapted to his age.

Fun for three-year-olds: memory

You don't need to have a Memory kit from the store. At the beginning, colorful sticky notes or printed patterns from a computer, say 3-4 sets, are enough. The child's task will be to collect and pair them. Once your toddler gets the hang of it, you can add more items.

The game improves perceptiveness, focus, helps train memory.

Fun for three-year-olds: reading books

Reading books is an activity that parents around the world like, mainly because you can constantly choose books and learn literature for the youngest. However, if you organize games for a 3-year-old, be ready for the toddler to want his favorite fairy tale to be read all over again. It is important for the child, because he gives a sense of security, the toddler knows what will happen in a moment, in addition, he often simply learns the story by heart, develops his vocabulary, improves his storytelling skills.

Sticking stickers

There are many sets of booklets prepared for 3-year-olds on the market. There we will find tasks adapted to the toddler's age, consisting of drawing, painting, and sometimes sticking, sticking or cutting. With the help of a parent, a toddler can create his first important works of art.

Painting, drawing, molding

When playing with a 3-year-old, it is also worth allowing the child to improve small motor skills. A three-year-old can already paint with a brush, still with fingers, if he likes, cut, stick, stick. It is worth encouraging the toddler to this type of activity, thus allowing him to improve new skills.

See how he draws a three-year-old.

Doctor playing with dolls

The three-year-old is already big enough to play role-playing. It's a great way to train social skills, show how to behave in a given situation. For example, playing for a three-year-old doctor allows you to tame a new situation and reduce the possible fear of an examination in a real office.

It's worth staging mouth opening, throat examination, auscultation, coughing on demand, deep breathing, etc. at home.

A guessing game

Guessing is something that children all over the world love. Regardless of age, the joy of giving the correct answer is great.

You can think up guesses yourself, describing an object from the surroundings. You can also use ready-made poems and books.

Common walk and hunt for colors

Games for three-year-olds should also be educational. This age is the right time to learn colors and deepen your knowledge of color shades.

Organize a walk and try to find as many red objects as possible, count the green and yellow things.

And what fun do you recommend for a three-year-old?


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