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Comfortable semen analysis at home - without shame and stress

Comfortable semen analysis at home - without shame and stress

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Every day, thousands of couples try unsuccessfully for a child. They expect two lines on the pregnancy test and each month they experience an extremely painful disappointment. They talk about indescribable pain and emotions that put a shadow on everyday life - they do not let you think of anything but the longed-for child.

50% of fertility problems concern men

In half of the cases, the cause of infertility lies with the man. Meanwhile, it is usually women who undergo many tests and complicated, often painful procedures to assess their chances of conception. Somehow, they assume that the problem with getting pregnant must concern them, without realizing that in half of the cases the quality of sperm is inadequate, and therefore trying for a child does not end in the desired pregnancy.

Shame before testing

Why is it usually the woman who first looks for health problems at home? He goes to the gynecologist, shares his fears, asks to monitor the cycle?

There are many reasons for this, also because of fears related to the male fertility test, the cost of such test and the organizational difficulties associated with it. Women want to spare partners of embarrassing semen evaluation, putting the material into a container, going to the clinic, they are afraid of the emotions associated with it.

In addition, it is easier for them to go to a known gynecological office than to an infertility clinic, where the costs of treatment are much higher.

Fortunately, there is a way ...

Semen analysis at home

Today, the shame, inhibitions and fears associated with sperm testing can easily be overcome and a comprehensive assessment of male fertility can be started at an early stage.

It has been available for several weeks home sperm test kit that allows you to determine the amount of sperm in your semen. This study gives an answer if the man is biologically ready to be a father, whether additional tests are needed.

The test is trivial in the implementation. Fast (gives a result within 10 minutes), very accurate (98% accuracy) and has the necessary certifications (FDA and CE). It's the perfect way to assess male fertility.

The cost of a home test is PLN 89. The package contains two full-fledged tests that allow you to examine the semen at a selected time interval.

More on the home male fertility test - CLICK here.


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