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Wader dollhouse

Wader dollhouse

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Which girl does not dream of a dollhouse? One where you can have parties, put dolls to sleep, prepare meals and furnish small rooms?

Certainly the one that does not have such a house ... :)

There are many toy proposals on the market in this category. One of them is a plastic, extremely durable Wader dollhouse.

Manufacturer to create a small toy, which has two floors, stairs and several rooms - a bathroom, living room, bedroom, terrace and a small garden. Everything is very handy and practical - it folds easily so you can stay organized.

In addition, the house has a special handle, convenient to move the house.


However, there are also disadvantages ... There is a lack of dolls in the house. You could use at least one suitable dimension.

We had no problem finding the right one, but I don't know if it would be better to join the set and it would be a set?

The cottage is easy to clean, very practical and available at a good price (about 70 zlotys)

Attention, contest!

Do you want to win such a house?

Write in the comment why he should get to you. We will reward the most interesting answer.

The competition lasts until July 19. Don't forget to enter a valid email address when adding a comment under this post. It is necessary to contact the Winner of the competition.


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