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Vitammy Aura - an inhaler for the whole family

Vitammy Aura - an inhaler for the whole family

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Vitammy Aura is a pneumatic-piston inhaler, which we tested when we infected our two daughters - five and two years old. I checked his action on myself when one day I was speechless due to laryngitis.

What impressions?

Is Vitammy Aura a good product? Is it recommendable?

Here's everything worth knowing about this device.

Nebulization kit at home

Vitammy Aura is a nebulization kit with a pneumatic piston inhaler. Very convenient to use and most importantly reliable.

May be used by the whole family - from infants (requires a separate mask, which is not included) after Adults.

We checked its operation on energetic two-year-old and sensitive to all new products five-year-old. The girls used a smaller mask, and I used it for an adult - well shaped and comfortable.

You can also use the attached mouthpiece - this solution is especially accepted by the youngest children. It was so at home, when the daughters were younger, they preferred the mouthpiece, now they prefer the mask.

It is worth making a remark here. The manufacturer recommends using a mask for younger children, and a mouthpiece for older ones when they are able to hold it in the mouth (because it is more effective). It is worth testing both options and checking which will work with us at home.

What does the speed issue look like?

Vitammy Aura provides rapid nebulization - 2 ml for 5 minutes. Analyzing the competition's proposals, this is a good result that can be appreciated especially in the case of quiet operation - unfortunately there are fast inhalers on the market that work loudly - such models are rarely tolerated by children.

How is this the case?

The device emits an even sound, non-irritating to the ear. It is not loud, so children accept it without reservation.

nebulization kit

Device it can work for 30 minutes, after which a 30-minute break is required.

Its use is simple and very comfortable - perfect workmanship. There is no problem with washing individual parts and connecting them - nothing leaks, the device does not jam.

If in doubt about use, you can use the complete instruction manual and nebulization guide included.

Vittammy Aura

Why a nebulizer?

The nebulizer can be used prophylactically or curative. Works well with minor infections like - colds, as well as for pharyngitis, bronchitis or lung inflammation.

It allows you to moisturize the mucosa using physiological saline and give the drug that gets volatile directly to the place where it is needed, bypassing the digestive system. Thanks to this it is more effective and the patient less exposed to side effects.

Read more about nebulization that can replace popular cough syrups.

The nebulizer will be especially useful during the infection season for:

  • cough,
  • runny nose,
  • respiratory inflammation.

Nebulizer in use :)

In addition, it is irreplaceable in the case of:

  • asthma
  • sinusitis.

Vitammy Aura is a very good inhaler for home use. Perfect for the whole family!

Please visit the manufacturer's website!

Vitammy Aura is our HIT among inhalers!


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