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Pregnant hardening - worry?

Pregnant hardening - worry?

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Is hardening of the belly during pregnancy a worrying symptom? Can it indicate problems? Or maybe when it appears we don't have to be afraid?

Belly hardening in pregnancy - very common

Belly hardening in pregnancy is very common, it is common because it results from the natural process of the uterus growing. Therefore, it should not bother. It is worth telling the doctor about this symptom of pregnancy at the next visit. Urgent consultation requires hardening of the belly, accompanied by severe pain, bleeding, cramps - this may be a signal of premature delivery (!).

Pregnant hardening usually accompanies future mothers in the second trimester. The feeling of hardening results from uterine growth (the uterus is located halfway between the pubic bone and navel) and from the growth of the baby - the child begins to grow and press on the walls of the stomach, which gives a feeling of "hardness".

However, this is not all. After 21 weeks of pregnancy, the baby's skeleton, so far plastic, begins to harden, which intensifies the feeling of hardness.

Belly hardening in pregnancy - since when?

Usually, discomfort due to hardening of the abdomen in pregnancy begins in the middle of pregnancy, only a few future mothers face it from about 12 weeks of pregnancy.

When and whether you will feel your stomach hardening at all depends on your body build. Usually, slim women experience this symptom faster and harder than better-built ladies. If you are overweight, you may not feel your stomach hardening until the third trimester ... or not at all.

Women struggling with hardening of the belly are also afraid of the effects of skin tightening, or stretch marks. They face an unpleasant itching. It is worth noting at this stage that scratching will not be a good idea - systematic lubrication of the skin, sometimes several times a day is better. Moisturizing balms and olives will keep the skin tense, supple and elastic, which reduces the risk of scars.

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How do you react when your stomach harden?

First of all, listen to the signals that intuition sends you. Stop, rest, lie down - which will only give you relief and improve your mood. Pregnancy is a time when you should take care of yourself as carefully as possible.

Remember to tell your doctor about every symptom. Belly hardening in pregnancy - is such a symptom.