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22 month old baby - a spoiled star of the stage

22 month old baby - a spoiled star of the stage

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Your 22 month old baby already has specific goals to which he consistently strives. He tries to achieve the intended effect in all possible ways.

When someone interrupts his busy task, he usually gets nervous. He also has a strong need being the first and most important. This is because the baby who is entering 22 months old is at the same time an actor, directors and stage manager - self-sufficient and at the same time very demanding, especially for himself.

What is the development of a child at 22 months of age?

What can a 22-month-old baby do?

A 22-month-old baby usually operates 6 words, builds a tower from four blocks, performs two-step commands efficiently and goes up the stairs. By the end of 22 months of age usually is able build a tower of 6 blocks, recognize and indicate 4 pictures, also learn to wash and wipe hands, there is also no problem with putting on one piece of clothing.

22 month old baby

22 month old baby. Frustration, oh frustration

An ambitious 22-month-old baby can't wait his turn, and when he wants something badly, he can't let it go. However, often the goals set are unattainable for him, then there is a cry and despair.

How to react and how to help the toddler deal with these emotions?

Primarily it is worth praising for attempts and not for effects, avoiding generalization - do not criticize the toddler, but pay attention to his unpleasant behavior - instead of "you are naughty", say: "this behavior was naughty, I did not like". Theoretically, a small change, but it will save the child from thinking about himself in a way that deprives him of the hope that he is able to behave better.

It is very important that in the event of frustration, do not hurry with help right away. The child is already big enough to be able to face the failures and try to deal with them. Show that you trust the toddler and trust that he will try to deal with the trouble.

22 month old baby. Interrupting parents

A 22-month-old child can repeatedly during the day interrupt parents on the phone at worktalking to a neighbor on the street. This is because the toddler reacts with horror when you are "out of reach" and simply can't wait, he doesn't understand the terms "minute" or "moment".

Therefore, on the one hand, teach your child appropriate behavior, and on the other, have real expectations. Do not require the child to sit quietly when you talk for an hour, but also do not get crazy and teach the child that you sometimes need to exchange a few sentences and do not want the child to bother you.

22 month old baby. Reluctance to change

There is no shortage of children who are very reluctant to any changes, any departure from the pattern learned arouses opposition and real terror. This is because the toddler thinks that every change is a waste. He does not recognize the view that change can lead to something better.

Why such a great protest against changes? It results from the need exercising maximum control over the environment, and especially what directly concerns him. It is worth showing understanding. Unwillingness to change is typical for this age, you will have to wait for at least a year for more flexibility when the child turns three years old.

Still the same…

The 22 month of a child's life is still the period when children like certain activities.

Children love repetition. That is why they often cause despair of parents, demanding the same to eat every day, to repeat the same games and activities. What parenting can be boring and monothematic, for a child it will be passionate and beloved. Do you oppose this?

Probably not. This can be shown on the example of books - children do not like changes, they feel safe when they know what is about to happen, besides, the same read book constantly expands the vocabulary, the child also likes to listen to the rhythm of the story, appreciates each time a fairy tale is read differently. While listening to stories, he learns very quickly and very much.