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Difficult topics for mom and dad, or how to raise a child as a human

Difficult topics for mom and dad, or how to raise a child as a human

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This is a guide written in a very simple language, which for some can be an advantage, for others a nightmare disadvantage. Unfortunately, I am closer to the second group: while reading, some of the author's formulations irritated me, as well as moralizing. Sometimes I also had the impression that the guide is dedicated not to parents, but to teenagers who know little about children and their upbringing.

Too much obviousness in this publication, to "discover" like "I know about it, you know, and this lady is aware of it ...", far too little deeper and more detailed treatment of the topic that would satisfy the more demanding. Despite this, as a whole the publication does not look the worst and can be treated as a GLOSSARY, which we reach when, discouraged by the difficulties in the family, we do not know how to behave.

Quick help

If we treat "Difficult topics for mom and dad" as a quick way to gain basic knowledge on important topics, we won't be disappointed. If we are looking for clear and specific tips on how to behave when a second child arrives at home, divorce, meeting a new partner or talking about sex are planned, it is worth reaching for this guide. Due to the limited number of pages, the publication does not fully discuss all issues, but focuses on the basics, providing information on how not to make the most common mistakes. And for this a huge plus.

On the other hand, for a parent who already has basic knowledge of the above-mentioned topics, this manual may not be sufficient, and reaching for it may have a finale in frustration and a sense of wasting time. A lot depends on knowledge and attitude. If we care about short, clear directions and not getting into the subject - it's worth it. However, if we are looking for a position with a "more scientific" approach, I do not recommend this guide.

Graphics, or what who likes ...

Quite surprising is also the choice of colors that accompanies us when reading this item. The book is kept in vivid colors. Some pages are entirely orange, while others have additional gray inserts and clear question marks, exclamation marks, which are to draw attention to specific fragments. Unfortunately, there are so many that you can have the feeling of satiety and even feel eye strain in contact with vivid colors, in a place where white is usually planned.

On the other hand, such "fragmentation" and dividing the content by highlighting them with different colors makes reading easier, especially when a toddler runs around us who needs to be watched.


"Difficult topics for mom and dad" is the second item by Anna Jankowska that I had the opportunity to read. As in the case of the first one, you can search in vain for information about who the author is. We won't find this information on the cover, in the introduction, or anywhere else. Unfortunately, it's a big minus for me. I would like to know who shares my advice with me, what his achievements are, and where did his interest in children that inspire to write a book come from.

Difficult topics for mom and dad sosrodzice
Thank you to the Zielona Sowa publishing house for providing a copy of the review book.

Dear Parents, we have three copies of the book by Zielona Sowa publishing house "Difficult topics for mom and dad ...". You can win them by answering the question: "Raising which topics in conversation with a child is the most difficult for you?". The three most interesting statements will be awarded with a guide by Anna Jankowska. We are waiting for your answers until Friday, August 10. The results will be announced by Monday, August 13.


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