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Deal with the loss ... amazing picture

Deal with the loss ... amazing picture

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In 2011, Katy Patten and her husband were happily expecting twins. During the 23rd week of pregnancy, their world trembled, brick by brick, it slumped, scaring the darkest vision. Premature births did not bode well at this stage.

Aiden was born first. Two days later Gavin. Both boys were born with beating hearts, but not breathing on their own. Doctors fought for the survival of children, but unfortunately they failed. The boys have died.

Katy and her husband, like thousands of other parents, have gone through mourning. Like many others, they did not want to forget their children. That's why they decided to take this picture. Their goal was simple - "we finally wanted to have a family photo." Now it hangs in an important place in their home. Where everyone can look at them several times a day.

Linda Gittins, owner of Lulu B. Photography in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, created a unique photo for Katy and her family, reaching for the shadow of a four-year-old child of a neighbor - a contemporary of Katy's twins. Thanks to this, their family photography can be complete ...

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