Signals that show you are a bad mother

Signals that show you are a bad mother

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Many women are afraid of that are not good enough that they are unknowingly hurting their children. Their fears are warmed up by the comments of "perfect moms," convinced that they know the best and only valid prescription for looking after and raising children. The emotions in this topic are clearly noticeable - it is not without reason that it is said that the mother is the most harsh reviewer of the second woman raising children.

Discussions on the blogosphere are almost always accompanied by anxiety, an internal need to confirm at every step that "I know what I am doing", I am better than others, so everything is fine. Young women lost in the world of parenthood instead of a helpless, withdrawn attitude, choose active and often aggressive - they will do everything to convince themselves that they are good enough. It's not even so much about competition as improving your well-being at the expense of the other person. Doubts? Of course not! They are replaced by the mission of "converting other mothers".

Meanwhile, all these fears and disputes are completely unjustified. Children can really forgive us a lot. And we usually judge ourselves too harshly and inadequately to the situation. However, we least forgive other ... mothers.

You are a bad mother because your child went to a nursery

It is known - "in the nursery, children cry, suffer, they are without mum and dad, and it is to parents and not you that should hug in the first years of life. Do you want your toddler to love the babysitter? Really? Give up work and take care of your toddler. " This is the opinion of many people. How much truth in this?

Sending a child to a nursery is never a simple decision. She is usually well thought out and covered with many stresses. Parents rarely send children to institutions to "laze" but because they have no other choice. In moments when they look after a child, they try to "make up" for lost time and usually do a lot more than moms "sitting" with the baby all day - they don't give themselves a chance to be next to them, they are "only for children".

Does this mean, then, that sending a child to the nursery automatically deletes us as a parent? This is a rhetorical question. The answer seems clear.

You are a bad mother because you take care of yourself

"Do you have time to paint your nails, go to the hairdresser, to the swimming pool? I don't have time for such quirks. I take care of children. I wash, cook, look for healthy products, I spend every moment with them, because time passes so quickly. Children need me, I will take care of myself later "- you hear and wonder if there is something wrong with you or with" a devoted friend. "