Promotions for children, or what will we buy cheaper?

Promotions for children, or what will we buy cheaper?

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Saving for the average parent is a way to get to the first. That is why every week we review the contents of promotional brochures and show you where to do the cheapest shopping. Welcome!


  • Huggies Super Dry nappies in Real for PLN 43.95. Whereas at Tesco for only 39.99 PLN. Choose which market you have closer and go shopping.
  • Happy diapers we will receive in Real for PLN 49.95. In this way we will save a few zlotys.
  • Cleaninc wipes four packages plus two for free discounted from over PLN 25 to PLN 19.99 in Super-pharm.
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers in Rossmann for 51.99 instead of 63.99. You have to hurry, because the number is unfortunately limited.


  • Nestle milk-rice porridge in Real for 6.79 instead of 7.99. By buying a few pieces we can save a little penny for joint family ice cream.
  • Bebiko baby milk in Real for 12.45 instead of 15.59 PLN. If our toddler likes its taste, it's worth buying a few. A small hungry tummy will drink milk quickly.
  • Sinlac Nestle in Net for 19.99, and in Rossmann for 18.69: especially for sensitive crunches.
  • Nestle rice gruel in Net for PLN 2.69. Adding it to dishes, we will get a more dense, filling consistency.
  • Nan Pro milk at Polo Market for 11.99 instead of 16.99 for a small package. And in Rossmann at a price of 24.99 larger packaging discounted from 27.9 zlotys.
  • Bebilon milk over 6 msca in Rossmann for 25.99 instead of 29.99. It is worth going for 4 zlotys on the package.
  • BoboVita rice porridge at PoloMarket for 5.29 instead of the regular price of 5.99.
  • At Rossmann we will receive any Hipp desserts and the other for 50% of the price and any dinner 125 grams and the other for half the price.


  • Puzzle with Winnie the Pooh for children 4+ in Auchan for 11.45 instead of 14.99. zlotys
  • wooden educational toys: all for PLN 27.99 in Biedronka.
  • interesting water kit with pipes in Net for PLN 29.99.
  • organizer for bath toys in the Net for only 4.99 PLN. Just hang it on the tiles above the tub and it's ready.
  • Happy pet sinks in the Net for only PLN 4.99.


  • school accessories, among others from the Kubuś & Friends collection at Tesco on weekend 24-26.08 30% cheaper.
  • toilet seat cover for kids in Net for 14.99.
  • a large set of hairpins or elastics at Polo Market for 5.99.


  • colorful children's tracksuits with fairy tale applications in Biedronka for 46.99. On the other hand, in Pepco, uniform girls or boys tracksuits (2-8 years) for PLN 19.99.
  • Blouses in Lidl: 19.99 for two pairs for girls and boys.
  • Children's sneakers in Polo Market instead of 19.99 for 9.99.

Duration of the promotion
Auchan 22-28.08
Real 23 -29.08
Biedronka from August 23, 2012
Tesco 23-28.08
Net 20-26.08
Lidl 23-29.08
Polo Market 22-28.08
Pepco 24 - 30.08
Rossmann from 16.08.