Can an infant sleep on his stomach?

Can an infant sleep on his stomach?

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there many different opinions about the position in which the infant should sleep. Some say that sleeping on the tummy is even recommended in the first months of a child's life, while others it is dangerous and threatens the child's life. How is it really Can an infant sleep on his stomach? Or maybe it's better not to risk and put the baby on his back?

Why is laying the baby on the stomach important?

Already in the hospital a few hours after delivery you can hear from the doctor, the midwife to lay the baby as often as possible on the tummy - especially after the umbilicus has fallen off.

This is especially important in the first 3 months of life of the child, because at this time the toddler learns to raise the head, moves it both ways, causing him to train his neck muscles in this way.

Strengthened muscles will help hold the head up for longer.

In the later months about 4-5 months old baby, toddler lying on his tummy, trains the muscles not only of the head, starting to hold it steady, but also strengthens the muscles of the hands - leaning on. Unfortunately, lying on your back or side is not enough for your child to be able to properly train your neck, neck, back and head muscles and also hands that should be strong to get started creep stage and then crawling. In addition, lying on the tummy, the toddler can observe the world around him and everything that happens around him.

Laying the baby on his tummy also supports the digestive process. In the small tummy, cause gases often accumulate painful coliclying on the stomach helps to get rid of them and eliminates stomach ache. We put the baby on her tummy so that she has it nice, even head shape.

Laying on the tummy is particularly important in the case of prematurity. It is also recommended to lay on the stomach the baby he has gastrointestinal reflux problems, hip dysplasia as well as Pierre-Robin syndrome (congenital facial cranial defects that may prevent proper breathing).

Read why it is worth laying a baby on her tummy.

Can sleeping a baby on his tummy be dangerous?

Many experts alert you not to put your baby to sleep on his tummy, as this may cause suffocation or so-called SIDS - sudden cot death.

Studies conducted in New Zealand in 1990, which included 1,800 children, support the thesis that after death (caused by hypoxia), 90% of children were laid on the tummy. It was also found that 20% of SIDS deaths were a consequence of putting the child to sleep on his stomach.

Indeed, many studies confirm the eternal doubts of doctors and parents, but it is worth maintaining calmness and acting in such a way as to enjoy the benefits of lying on the tummy, while maintaining safety. Lying on your tummy is very important for the proper development of the child, even necessary, so you should not give up on it. The presence of a guardian and supervision of the child while lying on the tummy is crucial.

The baby lies on its tummy - how to take care of safety?

In the first half of the year the baby is best placed on the tummy in waking moments, it is not recommended to put them on the tummy to sleep. It is true that your child has a Moro reflex, which in case of danger will force him to raise his head, cry or change his position, but the risk may be too great.

Tummy lying it should not last longer than 15 minutes, not to discourage the toddler and not to overload the muscles. It should be remembered that when placing an infant on her tummy, an adult should always watch over the baby. A newborn baby is completely unable to lift the head yet, so be careful that it has a constant supply of oxygen, the nose is not clogged and there should always be an adult sitting next to you, who will help if needed.

A two-month-old babyeven though he is beginning to cope with raising his head, he should not sleep or lie on his stomach, he still needs control. Only around 5-6 months, when a child is able to roll on its own from the tummy to the back, it can lie down on its own and even sleep on the tummy.


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