7th week of pregnancy

7th week of pregnancy

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If you are an active woman, maybe the baby's development and thoughts of a new role that awaits you will not fill your whole day. However, they certainly take up a lot of space in it. Reading about children's development is an activity that connects mothers around the world. So read! You are entering 7 weeks of pregnancy!

Read how your baby is developing, what you can feel at this stage of pregnancy, what symptoms you are facing. Finally, you can read the memories of a young mother and dad from the seventh week of pregnancy.

Baby: 7th week of pregnancy

7 weeks of pregnancy can be called brain development week. This is now the division into forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. Each of these areas is responsible for something different.

Forefathers for solving problems and shaping memory. Midbrains for communication, sending electrical signals to the appropriate area in the brain. However, the hindbrain is responsible, among others, for the work of the heart or breathing.

Toddler's eyes they change already iris, which makes their surface stand out and resemble two small dots. Limbs form, which are finished in a rather special way - membranes between the fingers.
The umbilical cord is also being created now, which connects the baby to the placenta and the mother's organism.

Woman: 7 weeks pregnant

If you vomit and turn you around at the sight of your favorite dishes so far, you probably noticed weight loss. However, there are women who gain weight during this period. The waist circumference is often observed now. It is not surprising that your favorite, well-fitted jeans are getting tight. However, there is still a lot of time to buy maternity clothes ...

Even if you have to use the toilet more often, don't forget to drink enough fluids. Choose good quality mineral water. The minimum amount that is necessary for good child development and well-being of the mother is 1.5 liters.

In the early stages of pregnancy, women also feel metallic taste in the mouth. This is a rare sign of pregnancy (read more), for which hormones are responsible. It is because of them that you feel the taste differently, your taste buds are crazy too. Most often, this strange feeling softens or disappears completely in the second trimester, when the hormones calm down and the body gets used to a different state.

Another unusual symptom may be excessive drooling. It usually teases those women who have a morning sickness problem. Fortunately, this is a completely harmless and usually short-lived pregnancy symptom.

What is worth remembering?

Remember that pregnancy is not a disease. You can live almost the same as beforebefore you got pregnant. Walks, meetings with loved ones, work (if it is not physical work and load on the spine or work among chemicals / in rooms with radiation, etc.) are recommended.

Remember also about sports, however, leave all high-performance, strength, and very heavy disciplines, as well as those that threaten to fall (e.g. skiing) for safety after pregnancy. If you like very much ride a bicycle, choose safe routes, away from other cyclists rushing or playing with small children who could force you to brake quickly. Enjoy life and independence!

From mom's diary

My breasts are bigger and more sensitive to touch. If it wasn't for that I really want to sleep very much, it could be used ... :) In addition, I notice changes in the size of the nipples and entire warts. They are darker and become more lumpy.

Besides, I don't want to eat at all. These two weeks of terrible nausea have already deprived me of two kilos. Although I lose weight, I have the impression that I'm "getting fat" at the waist. Also, I'm more sensitive to smells. The persistent smell of a neighbor's sweaty sweatshirt on the staircase is simply unbearable !! Fortunately, I also smell nice smells more intensively. Flowers, which until now did not seem to smell to me, now I can smell constantly.

And all these changes through an embryo the size of a coffee bean ... It's a fear to think what will happen later.

From dad's diary

I wasn't on the examination. Nevertheless, this dot on the ultrasound image caused me a wave of emotions. So this is the first photo of our child. She has tears in her eyes and I am not surprised for the first time that she moves so quickly. He says I haven't missed anything particularly important. At this stage, the doctor has not yet listened to the fetal heartbeat. We will definitely hear them on the next visit .... I can't wait!

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