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Ziaja Med greasing cleansing oil for bath and shower

Ziaja Med greasing cleansing oil for bath and shower

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The Ziaja offer includes products dedicated to atopic skin. Among them, an important place is occupied by dermatological treatment AZS, which lubricates washing and bathing oil. According to the manufacturer's assurances, the oil is supposed to oil, soothe skin changes and take care of proper hydration. It is especially recommended for the care of very capricious skin with AD.

What are the advantages?

Plus for a formula free of:

  • parabens,
  • SLES-in
  • mineral oils,
  • soaps,
  • dyes.

Ziaja Med AZS oil composition

The composition is quite short and simple: Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, MIPA-Laureth Sulfate, Laureth-3, Laureth-7 Citrate, Benzyl Alcohol, BHA, Parfum.

Ziaja Med reviews

Proposing this product to people with AD is a misunderstanding.

The cosmetic has a dull composition in which several substances can be irritating. It is true that with us it did not end with redness, because my daughter's skin was under testing in perfect condition, but after reviews on the internet, you can quickly find out that using this remedy for problem skin can have fatal effects - irritation, tightness, unpleasant feeling of tension.

composition Ziaja Med

The cosmetic contains fragrances. I think quite unnecessarily. Fragrance ingredients could be forgiven in the context of atopic skin, there is no point in using them, the more that we will not find them in competitive products. The secret is not that they can additionally worsen the condition of sensitive skin.

Poured into the water quite strongly for this type of product foams. This, unfortunately, does not convince me. In addition, it is inefficient.

We will pay over PLN 20 for 270 ml. In my opinion the price is too high for the product capacity.

Perhaps the oil for an adult will be fine, but for the skin of babies with AD - I do not recommend. There are other, better suggestions.

For this reason, KIT. Unfortunately ... this product cannot be evaluated otherwise.


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