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Pregnant seafood - eat or not eat?

Pregnant seafood - eat or not eat?

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Around the fish and crustaceans have accumulated many myths and ambiguities. Mainly associated with their pollution (especially mercury) and negative impact on health. The key to eating fish and seafood safely during pregnancy is theirs proper preparation. Most experts are in favor of eating pregnant fish more benefits than disadvantages, so do not exclude them from the menu.

Pregnant fish - why these controversies?

seafood during pregnancy

Many people warn against eating fish because they are contaminated with mercury. It is true.It is worth being careful in this regard, especially during pregnancy. How? About it below.

It is advisable to look at the matter coolly and rationally. Mercury is everywhere, we'll find it even in the air we breathe. It is released from volcanoes, during forest fires, as well as by power plants and industrial producers, then goes to waters and, as a consequence, to fish. It is especially high in predatory species that eat smaller fish. It is them that should be avoided during pregnancy.

There is also a second argument to "no" - risk of bacterial and parasite contamination. However, it is also easier with this special period, which is pregnancy - it is enough to prepare fish and seafood well, avoiding the consumption of raw products.

Pregnant fish and seafood - only well prepared

  • if you cook all fish, check after cooking with a sharp knife to see if it is well cooked / fried. The inside of the fish should be opaque with flakes easy to separate,
  • shrimps and lobsters are ready to eat when their body is opaque.
  • cooked scallops are milky white,
  • mussels and oysters are ready to eat when they are open. All closed after cooking should be discarded. Don't eat them.
  • if you use a microwave for cooking (this is not the best option), check in several places whether the seafood is ready to eat,
  • for sure you can use "> a food thermometer to check if the seafood has reached a temperature of at least 63 degrees C. Then you will know for sure that the products are prepared and ready to eat.


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