Small child

The perfect car for parents with a small child

The perfect car for parents with a small child

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Volvo presents the 2016 XC90 SUV and parents' eyes are shining. In place of the passenger seat, the company has planned a special elevated rotating platform created for the traveling child. It is designed so that it ensures safety and at the same time unimaginable comfort of travel already with the youngest babies.

Parents can set the seat rotated to the left to place their child in the seat, and then lock it in a rear-facing position - which is currently considered the safest. The concept allows children to make eye contact with passengers in the back of the car as well as the driver. There are also important accessories for children (including a place to heat bottles) and a perfectly developed space. See.

For now, only the concept is presented. We keep our fingers crossed for the manufacturer to put it into practice ... and make the presented solutions available at a good price, because it is also very important.