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Is this autism?

Is this autism?

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This usually looks similar ... Parents who are gradually observing the child's deteriorating health suspect that they are suffering from some disorder, which causes anxiety. They look for information on their own, they trust doctors who often underestimate the matter, until suddenly the diagnosis appears - autism.

Autistic children are often seen as before diagnosis deaf or disobedient. Meanwhile, the sooner we diagnose autism, the easier it will be to help your child.

Autism is still considered a rare disorder and there is a shortage of specialists who can fully diagnose it.

Diagnosis is hindered by the fact that an autistic child looks physically normal. The diagnosis is very difficult and should be confirmed by several specialists: psychologist, speech therapist, neurologist, psychiatrist.

Autism - a few words about history

For the first time, autism was diagnosed by a psychiatrist dr. Leo Kanner, he described autism as a rare disease of children who are immersed in their own world and have a problem communicating with others. The incidence of autism is not as low as it seems.

Research in the United Kingdom and the United States has shown that out of 10,000 children 4.5 cases of autism are reported, while between 15 and 20 children out of 10,000 have autism-like behavior. It is also known that three times more boys than girls suffer from autism.

The first signs of autism in an infant

The first symptoms in an autistic child can be seen already in infancy. The child can bend backwards to show that he doesn't want his parents to touch or hold them. An autistic infant shows passivity, rarely shows its needs, it is passive or on the contrary it is tearful and cannot be calmed down, the body swaying or hitting the head with the rungs of the cot, against the wall is also commonly observed.

Autistic babies are usually more fit than healthy children, they talk faster, crawl, start walking, but they can also be more delayed than their peers - there is no rule. A disturbing symptom in an infant (and typical in autists) is Sudden disappearance of chatting and speaking.

Preschool autism

One third of children with autism show no signs of developmental abnormalities up to a year or even up to three years. This is due to the fact that each toddler develops individually and some deviations are considered the norm.

Autistic children are usually retarded in communication, social and cognitive development. Occur repetitive behavior, aimless movements, swaying, self harm (hitting the head with the wall, biting), insomnia, lack of appetite, insensitivity to pain, impaired concentration.

Autistic children often get attached to routines and habits, they don't like unexpected events for fear of something new and unknown.

They do not understand the purpose and meaning of the language, as many as 30% of autistic children do not speak at all, the others usually have a problem with speaking because they are unable to determine their needs, thoughts and emotions. An autistic preschooler prefers to play alone than with his peers, he rarely smiles, doesn't respond to his name, doesn't run in jumps, is often hyperactive and gets angry. He can't play games that require the use of imagination, pretend, imitation. There is sensitivity to sound, light, smell and trouble sleeping, eating - autistic children often eat only specific foods, not allowing them to try something new.


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