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Wooden ODA cars - another super toy from LullaLove

Wooden ODA cars - another super toy from LullaLove

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Price PLN 65 for a simple, small wooden car?

May reject or disqualify a product. To question the legitimacy of investing in "expensive toys". I definitely understand this attitude because the amount is considerable.

On the other hand, when you consider that ODA cars are Polish product from Podbeskidzie, designed by the well-liked company Lullalove made entirely by hand and created 100% from natural beech wood and painted with non-toxic paints ... you have to admit that you pay for quality. Everywhere. Also when we buy children's toys. Here you can also reveal the attitude - "I buy durable, decent things" or cheaper, but inferior quality.

Everyone must decide for themselves what they choose and what is important to them.

Wooden ODA cars are available in two shapes and eye-catching pastel colors is an interesting toy that is worth giving for special occasions - baptisms (read more - what to choose for baptisms), birthdays, Children's Day. The wooden toy car is packed in a cardboard box, and the whole goes together stylistically great.

For sale are available cars as shown in the photo below.

Toy cars can be used as a teether, rattle, be used in many ways. There is no fear of the effects of putting them in the child's mouth. The toddler can freely grab the toy and carry it - it is comfortable and safe to play, recommended for children from 3 months of age.

ODA cars

Children naturally take interest in toy cars, move them, "drive them", the younger bite and maneuver in every possible way. The toy simply stimulates the toddler to play - shaken rattling, warm texture encourages to catch, and delicate colors to crawl toy cars of small and larger sections.


Toy not only for boys!

Tested for the needs of this review by two girls aged four and less than two. We recommend!


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