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These things make labor pains stronger!

These things make labor pains stronger!

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Every reasonable mother wants to give birth as efficiently as possible, without unnecessary pain. On the other hand, a conscious woman knows that there is a certain level of discomfort that is necessary for a child's birth.

Otherwise, birth pain, although unpleasant, makes sense, is needed. This does not mean that we have to exceed our pain threshold, agreeing to something that is unbearable. You need to balance the proportions and let the baby come into the world without raising discomfort by reckless decisions.

Well, how do you translate this into practice? What can you do to make the pain you feel during childbirth not worse?

It's worth listening to your intuition. This usually suggests a good path.

Lying on your back during delivery

In many hospital facilities, women giving birth are still asked to lie on their backs. Meanwhile, this is a particularly unfavorable position, which for many women is extremely uncomfortable. It is in this position that the weight of the uterus and the child is particularly felt. In addition, cardiovascular system deteriorates.

A woman lying on her back also acts against the interests of herself and the child, in other words - she misappropriates gravity. In the position on the back, it is much more difficult for her to give birth to a child than in one where the forces of gravity would facilitate pushing the baby into the world. Standing and leaning positions will be better.

Induction of labor and labor pains

Induction, or induction of labor, makes the pain more intense and the frequency of contractions less natural. In addition, any unnecessary interference from the outside significantly increases the risk of further medical procedures (read more about induction of labor) and, as a consequence, termination of delivery by Caesarean section.

It is best for a mother and a child to experience childbirth at a time when Mother Nature planned it. It is very rare on the day of the expected delivery, much more often the natural delivery begins a few days later or earlier. Therefore, it is worth being patient and do not undergo induction labor when it is not absolutely necessary.

Tiredness and labor pain

Birth pain is more severe if a woman is tired both mentally and physically with prolonged labor, when she feels forced to give birth naturally, despite her internal opposition and belief that this is not a good way to have a baby.

Holding your breath and pain during delivery

Many women who experience labor pain, hold their breath, die when spasm occurs, which in a sense is intuitive behavior, but in practice it is harmful to the future mother and child (increases the risk of hypoxia).

That is why midwives pay so much attention to their breathing that it is deep and aware - which allows them to relax and control their bodies. Women who give birth often need to be reminded that they breathe ... The person accompanying the woman giving birth can control the breath.