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We change diapers for spring - competition results

We change diapers for spring - competition results

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Thank you very much for all submitted competition entries.

You managed to show what spring looks like through the eyes of children, even though the weather is particularly capricious this year.

We decided to reward the following answers. Congratulations to their authors and thank you all!

1st prize

Conjure something out of nothing - it's not that hard
Because the fun in magic is liked by: child, mother ...
The Hand Spring is an example that we have a small contribution to
toddler is developing very well and time is passing merrily. Izabela Bolek

2nd prize

What is this mom about ...? Somebody who is so joyful today, smiles at me all the time and constantly talks about the walk ... that today it will be great, that I haven't seen anything like that before ... And yet I saw the ceiling in the living room. Oooo dad is back and ... he is the same too ...?! Eh again, this hat and overalls - I don't like them, they are so uncomfortable, and they are still wearing them. Fruu, we're going to the gondola (oh something lower than last time) ... How is my stroller in two parts? And we will go through the door in the hallway? Do they even open ?! Wow, I haven't seen it yet there are more doors ... Are we standing? Why are we standing Ooo dad repaired the cart, I'm high again ... Eh the door again ... Hey but how? Mom, where are the walls? Her but it smells good here and something warms in the face ... nice ... so good here, yes ... zzzzzzz

Finally a walk outside ... no more veranda ... and see, honey, our treasure has greeted the spring with a wonderful dream;) Sylwia Ujejska

3rd prize

Iwona Różycka, mother of Tymonek