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Creative Holidays, i.e. not just about painting eggs

Creative Holidays, i.e. not just about painting eggs

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Christmas is a wonderful time spent with your loved ones. The power of tradition, long-awaited gifts and dishes (well ... I already feel a few kilos heavier :)). It is also a great opportunity to create decorations, Christmas cards or gifts together.
We also paint / decorate eggs, but today we want to show you other creative solutions.

1) Easter card with ribbons

Traditional Christmas cards are the first to go, which can also be used as decoration. You won't need any artistic skills to perform it, only:

  • Page from the Technical Block
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Colorful pieces of ribbons

So get to work !!!

We start by folding the paper in half. On the first page, we draw the shape of an egg and cut it out (help the child in doing this).

On the other side (in the middle) we glue colored strips of ribbons. I'm sure they are somewhere in the recesses of your wardrobe :)
Finally, glue two pages together. And how? A piece of cake! And the effect is very original :)