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"Machines fall into the class", i.e. regulations from the SP in Legnica

On one of the social networks appeared a shocking, according to many parents, photo - instructions on how to enter classrooms of students in grades 4-6, according to other sources of six-year-olds.

The instruction comes from SP No. 2 in Legnica.

Ten-point regulations were posted on the entrance doors to the classrooms. Regulations appeared in school two years ago. He was created with the participation of psychologists ...

Military rigor? Necessity? Exaggeration?


Some commentators are really appalled: "some unfulfilled prison warden apparently realizes himself. and these tokens, I can already see bully'ing "," point 3 "... and they leave their weapons protected by the wall". Six-year-olds - Dangerous minds ".

The headmistress of the school in which the regulations apply is satisfied. It recognizes that it works and brings measurable effects.

And what do you think about it?