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How to help a child with ADHD function?

How to help a child with ADHD function?

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ADHD is nothing but behavioral syndrome (or more severely - "disorders") occurring in a child. And although many specialists believe that ADHD never gains for good, they do it cannot be treated as a life sentence. Not so terrible as the devil paints him.

ADHD (in other words hyperactive syndrome) is characterized by specific behaviors of the child - experts call them "areas". These are: hyperactivity, impulsiveness, attention deficit disorder and talkativeness.

Not all areas will be visible in every child with ADHD, but even a child who has hyperactivity in every area is manageable and can function properly in its environment.

Parents should, however, use several parenting methods that work for every child, and for a child with ADHD they will be beneficial. But they too, thanks to them, will function better and protect themselves against their excessive reactions to the difficult behavior of their children.

ADHD - how does it start?

Parents usually learn that a child has ADHD in the first years of schooling. It is here that the child comes to light he can't sit still on the bench, he talks all the time, unanswered, he breaks the answer, thinks over, constantly forgets to write or do something.

Less often, unfortunately, they share their suspicions about ADHD with their parents kindergarten educators. It is a pity, because the sooner the team is diagnosed, the sooner procedures can be introduced to support the functioning of the child - and the school will go ready.

Another thing is that parents themselves are afraid of ADHD patches for the child and run away from the topic. Diagnosis of ADHD is not facilitated by children, usually above average intelligent, who "make up for their deficits" in other fields, e.g. by quickly performing difficult tasks.

The final answer, whether it really is ADHD, will be given by the diagnosis of the psychological and pedagogical counseling center. And after receiving a positive response, parents can take the first step - learn about workshops for parents of children with ADHD. These are practical activities that you should devote time to, and if they are not free - also money to help your child alone.

Four areas of ADHD - how to deal with them?

hypermotility it can be manifested by waving your legs while sitting, frequent getting up from a table or desk, running around the house or trembling toys while doing other activities. Here, the best that can be done is to provide physical activity during the day, i.e. instead of fairy tales and a computer, solidly "run" the child in the yard or register them for sports activities.