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Sudocrem - wonder?

Sudocrem - wonder?

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Every young mother knows him. And although the effectiveness of this preparation can be discussed (what helps the one can be insufficient for the other), many people have no doubt that this is the number one product. Very efficient, correctly applied, usually extremely effective, with a very versatile use. Helpful for both the child and mother.

Antiseptic cream for baby skin care

Sudocream is an antiseptic cream, recommended for frequent use (in the opinion of some doctors, rather not recommended in everyday application), as well as emergency help in the case of redness of a child's bottom. For many I have been considered the best cream for sore infants. The cream can also be used by parents to apply to the face to dry out appearing pimples and imperfections, and even to treat sunburn.

Correct application

The application of the cosmetic is of great importance in the assessment of a cosmetic. Most mothers use the cream too much. Meanwhile, before putting on the diaper, Sudocream should be massaged well, and no white spots should remain on the skin. If such remain after application of the cream in circular motions, it means that too much cosmetic (which is difficult to wash off and which may hinder skin breathing) has been used.

When discussing application methods, it is worth noting that the cosmetic is extremely efficient. It can be used every day for many months and you don't have to plan your next purchase. The product is available, which is a very practical solution, with little portable control, ideal for baby's bag. It can be purchased at pharmacies, online stores and drugstores.

Safe use

The cream with economical application is very convenient to use (you can only complain about the difficulty of its extraction at the end of the package). It is also safe. It does not cause irritation (I have not heard of any such case, it is also difficult to find this type of information online. There is an opinion that the preparation is very good even for very sensitive baby skin). Despite the zinc content, Sudocream does not dry the skin. It cares for its healthy, beautiful color and intact structure.

Sudocream can be used from the first days of birth until it is dehumidified and later: for teens and adults to eliminate minor imperfections on the face. The manufacturer also recommends Sudocream for sunburn, scratches, abrasions and thermal irritation.

And you, dear parents, do you use this cream? Do you like this cosmetic? What are your experiences? Write!