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Sex after childbirth will never be the same again?

Sex after childbirth will never be the same again?

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The sex of young parents will never be the same as the one the couple had before the birth of their first child.

Where do you get that confidence?

From a simple fact - the birth of a child changes a lot, also the atmosphere in bed.

It also changes a woman and a man. The family situation is also different. An infant can always wake up and cry at night. In addition, there may be night wandering of the child to the parents' bed, sleeping problems, diseases that often take time and energy for sex. Trivia? That's right If it were otherwise, no more children would be born and everyone would be an only child. And this is not the case.

Fortunately, the practice of many couples shows that after delivery it can be much better than ever before. What miracle?

That's what this article is about.

The vagina is an accordion

It sounds not very interesting, but it's good news. The vagina is very flexible and ready for many changes. It was created to stretch and create a channel to give birth to a child. Therefore, there is no point in being afraid of delivery by comparing your experience related to the first use of a tampon or loss of virginity.

The human body is prone to many changes. In addition, nature has planned it so that delivery is as simple as possible. The child is covered with fetal fluid, which facilitates his path through the birth canal.

Increased blood supply to the vagina

Why, after natural birth, many women, contrary to stereotypes and misleading views, do not complain about sex, but are more satisfied with intercourse?

This is because when a child is born, the blood supply to the vaginal walls increases, her blood circulation and sensitivity are improved. Often, a side effect of this process is greater ability to reach orgasms. In addition, many women claim that they even experience having a baby multiple orgasms.

Of course, if we want to enjoy more vaginal blood supply, we need to take care of fundus muscles and they may be weakened during labor. Therefore, it is advisable to systematically perform Kegel muscle exercises.