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Healthy chocolate - competition results

Healthy chocolate - competition results

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You have sent us so many inspiring, tempting recipes in which dark chocolate played one of the main roles that it was difficult for us to think of anything else. We had to fight very hard so as not to reach for pots, molds and spoons immediately ... It is a pity that the taste and smell remained a matter of imagination :)

According to the competition rules, we can only select three people.

Dessert - black forest

It's a delicious sweetness from the gifts of the forest and vanilla ice cream.


1/2 liter of vanilla ice cream
20 dag blackberries
20 dag raspberries
30 dag wild strawberries
20 dag blueberries
10 dag of dried cranberries

We mix everything and then make another layer, and here is its composition:
bar of dark chocolate
250 ml plain yogurt
approx. 20 pieces of hazelnuts
and we also mix it all into a homogeneous mass.

Then pour the first and then the second mass into a tall glass and take turns to form beautiful layers.

We decorate the whole with fresh mint leaves. Adam Zaleski