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Earrings for a small child - yes or no?

Earrings for a small child - yes or no?

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All parents of little girls are of the opinion that their daughters are the most beautiful in the world. Some of them dream about the moment when they see shiny dots in the ears of their princess, brand new, gold earrings. I wonder why the trend of piercing tiny ears girls is so popular. In our latitude, this has no cultural overtones, and the jewelry is intended for older girls and adult women. I myself am the owner of "a few" holes in my ears and it always seemed quite natural to me, but today I look at the issue of earrings a bit wider.

I admit that a year ago I was convinced that my younger daughter will have pierced ears after the end of the year and I'm already telling you why ...

My older branch at the age of 5-6 she really wanted to wear earrings. She didn't have them before because I was of the opinion that she should decide about it herself. So we bought beautiful, golden, tiny and shiny - just the right for a young lady. She marched to the beauty salon with great excitement.

The cosmetician was very nice, smiling and nice. It was evident that he had a good attitude towards children, and the beauty salon and equipment were in good condition and, above all, looked clean. The lady allowed her daughter to choose earrings, then removed them from the foil and disinfected with us thoroughly. She also used some cooling preparation on her ears to minimize any pain and here the stairs began ... My daughter's expression was clearly thinned ...

When she saw the pistol-like "piercing" device, she was paled for good. I saw it, but I tried to calm her down, because she cared so much. The first hole, loud crack, no pain and ... unfortunately no second treasures of the world could not be made ... We left the living room with two earrings, but one was in my purse ...

After some time, the keyhole overgrown, because the daughter did not have the courage to make another one for the set, and there was no sense that she would wear only one earring forever. I decided that having earrings is no compulsion and I stopped insisting. It took several years before she decided to make another attempt. This time it went smoothly, although the first experience made her sit uncertainly in an armchair. Today, she owns holes in her ears and has done so of her own will. It was her first serious decision about her own body and she is proud of her, and she remembers her behavior a few years ago with a dismissive smile on her face.

A newborn baby with earrings below:

Post by Marius Voicu.

When our second daughter was born, I decided that the second time I don't feel like doing the same, so earring will be done around the first year. I was convinced that it was a good choice, especially since most of my friends suggested that it was the best option. However, I would not be myself if I did not analyze everything several times. And so it happened. I was thinking, wondering, counting all the pros and cons. The effect of my thoughts is that the little princess is still not wearing earrings and probably will not become their owner for a long time.

Why did I make that decision? First of all, I'm afraid of the consequences. Today, I do not have to pay attention to what an unconscious child does with his body. Whether it's grabbed by the ears or by the nose, it doesn't make much difference. At the moment when earrings shine in my ears, I will be obliged to constantly watch over because of curiosity of tiny fingers she didn't hurt herself. I am not saying that the child will definitely try to pull out the earring, but it is very possible that by accident he will discover something in his ear that is playing nicely. It's like a hat - when he remembers wearing it, there is no end to taking off.

I don't care either exposing her to stress during the procedure. The bang that occurs when piercing the ear would certainly cause a panic attack in such a small child.

Another fact that speaks against earrings for opportunity occurrence of complications and inflammation in the wound. The older daughter healed one of the holes for a long time, but she cared so much that she endured it bravely and despite the pain, allowed herself to disinfect and care for the irritated place. The little one will not understand this, and I will not be able to calmly watch him suffer, because let's not hide, the festering ear hurts.

It is also worth considering whether OUR skin tolerates contact with various metals wellbecause, as we all know, the tendency to allergies and intolerances can be hereditary. I have such an allergy and from time to time, even when I wear jewelry made of precious metals, there is irritation and artificial glitters fall off at all.

I also admit that I did not expect that there are so many people who do not like the earring. If my daughter were one of them in the future, she would blame me for making the wrong decision.

Dear parents, I do not want to impose my own will on anyone, I have nothing against small ladies with earrings in charming ears - well, I even like them in some sense, but before you make this decision, think everything at least as thoroughly as I did it to later regret nothing.

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Here are a few opinions I got about putting on earrings for the youngest ladies:

Marta: "... I am thinking about piercing my daughter's ears. Actually, I've already decided, I'm just waiting for spring. She got baptism earrings, so it is a pity that they now lay x years old and dusty. In addition, I really like girls with earrings in ears. I know a girl whose ear was pierced when she was a year old and everything healed quickly. She also never caught anything or lost an earring. "

ola: "... we have earrings, which my daughter got for the baptism gift. Still, I hesitate for fear of pulling the earring out. My daughter is very lively ... "

Marika: "... I am against piercing the ears of such little girls. I just don't see any sense in it, but I don't criticize other parents' decisions, it's their children ... "

Eve: "I don't like earrings from such babies. They are beautiful in themselves and do not need additional decorations ... "

Iza: "I pierced my daughter's ear when she was 8 months old. I know quickly, but my sister is a beautician and she came to our house. Everything lasted only a moment, the little girl was just sleeping and basically she did not even wake up well, as it was all over. We had no problems ... "