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How to make a healthy pizza for the whole family?

How to make a healthy pizza for the whole family?

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February 9 is International Pizza Day, a dish for which many of us "could be cut." Pizza among children enjoys similar enthusiasm as for adults. Also because you can prepare it in hundreds of ways by choosing your favorite additions.

What is equally important, pizza can be prepared in a healthier and dietary version, which will be easier to digest. Instead of the classic wheat bottom you can reach for vegetables or groats. Read!

A few interesting facts about pizza to get you started

About 13 million boxes of pizza are sold every day. How much is prepared at home? This is not known. The most popular taste is the classic margherita, and most often we reach for tasty pizzas on Saturday evening. Germans and Norwegians eat the most pizza, not as many Americans think.

Let's return to the title question - how to prepare a healthy pizza for the whole family?

Here are some suggestions.

Buckwheat pizza

400 g buckwheat flour
2 teaspoons of rock or sea salt (preferably)
10 g fresh yeast

about a glass of lukewarm water
spoon of sugar

3 flat tablespoons psyllium husks (thanks to which the dough will be lighter, more elastic)
We dissolve yeast in a glass of lukewarm water with sugar. Mix the dough with salt, sugar and yeast, a cake, add a little water (if the dough seems too dry) to get a soft, sticky dough. We can also add a tablespoon of oil or oil if the dough needs "moisture". If at home nobody is allergic to the egg, we can add one to the dough, thanks to which it will be easier to make a dough. We leave for half an hour to rise.

Then knead again and put thinly on a baking sheet, add the sauce and favorite spices. Bake in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for about 15 minutes.