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7 surprising signs of pregnancy

7 surprising signs of pregnancy

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When talking about pregnancy, you usually mention nausea, tiredness, a growing belly, swollen feet, changes in mood. These are the basic signs of pregnancy. However, there are also those that can surprise and sometimes confuse ...

A metallic taste in the mouth

At the beginning of your pregnancy, you may feel as if you have coins in your mouth. A metallic taste in the mouth is a sign of pregnancy, Fr. which is rarely mentioned. Of course, the hormones that are to blame they control the sense of taste and influence the taste buds.

Most often, this symptom disappears in the second trimester, when the body gets used to a different state.

How to help yourself Eat citrus fruits, reach for lemonade or (if you like) products marinated in vinegar.

Excessive salivation

A mouth full of saliva, the need for frequent swallowing, which causes nausea? This is another sign of pregnancy. Most often observed in the first trimester of pregnancy, especially in those women who experience morning sickness.

Fortunately, drooling is completely harmless, though embarrassing and disappears after the first few months of pregnancy.

What can you do? Rinse your mouth with a mint liquid, chew gum, which will slightly reduce salivation.


Snoring in pregnancy is often caused by Stuffed nose. Only in a few cases is the cause night apnea that is, periodically stopping breathing. Snoring also favors increased body weight. To avoid unnecessary discomfort associated with snoring, put a humidifier in the bedroom, and ventilate the room well before bedtime. It's also good to tell your doctor about this symptom.

Numbness of the fingers

At night, the expectant mother may wake up due to numbness of the fingers and toes. The most likely cause is the pressure of the swollen tissues on the nerves. The reason can also be carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), typical for people who repeatedly perform the same hand movements (e.g. pianists).

How can you deal with the problem? It's best to try to get some sleep or rest nothing pressed hands. You can try placing your hands on a platform, e.g. on a pillow.

Fortunately, leg numbness usually goes away after pregnancy.

Ochota in chalk

Cravings and food aversions are typical in pregnancy. Sometimes they take an unusual form. Some women want things that aren't food. For example: chalk, clay, ash paper.
Often, such needs are a symptom of a shortage of important nutrients, most often iron. It is worth informing your doctor about similar symptoms.

Memory impairment

The causes are hormones, sleep deprivation, reduced energy resources, stress. Memory impairment means that a pregnant woman often cannot work as much and as efficiently as before pregnancy.

There is another reason. Pregnant brain volume decreases. Scientists have found that concentration and memory problems are more likely to happen to women whose descendant is female, less often those that carry in the boy's stomach. Fortunately, the situation is temporary. And the brain that changes during pregnancy will return to its baseline a few months after delivery.

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Rhinitis and epistaxis

In pregnancy, you can see changes ... within the nose. As a result high levels of estrogen and progesterone there is an increased blood flow through the nasal mucosa, which leads to the formation of mucosal edema and sensitization to changes.

Mucous membranes in pregnancy they produce more mucus, to protect the body against infections. Often this change is observed in the form catarrhand even night attack of coughing and choking (due to secretions accumulating in the posterior nostrils).

How can you help yourself? Reach for sprays based on sea water. Additionally, you can enrich your diet with vitamin C which will strengthen the blood vessels and reduce the risk of nosebleeds.

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