A TV in a child's bedroom is a bad idea

A TV in a child's bedroom is a bad idea

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Parents worried that their children are not sleeping well enough should remove the TV from the child's room. It is probably not surprising, but it is worth noting that scientists have confirmed the relationship between the "presence" of electronics in the child's room and the length of his sleep.

Interestingly, the researchers found that in the same negative way sleep affects the use of a child's bedtime tablets, notebooks and other technical inventions.

Fewer sleep hours have a clear association with poorer school performance as well as a higher risk of obesity.

What does it look like in particular? It turns out that children who have a TV in their bedroom sleep about 18 minutes shorter than those who do not have it. Children who sleep near small screens also sleep worse, wake up more often, are tired in the morning.

Scientists have one simple advice for parents - do you want your toddler to sleep well? Let the bed be associated with sleeping, not having fun watching TV. In addition, pediatricians recommend that children up to two years avoid watching television and staring at the monitors. In addition, limit the time spent watching TV to a maximum of one or two hours each day.


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