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Child seat 9-36, 9-18 kilograms or 9-25 kg - which one to choose? Readers' opinions

Child seat 9-36, 9-18 kilograms or 9-25 kg - which one to choose? Readers' opinions

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Some time ago we asked you a question, what child seats do you recommend? You gave a lot of specific advice. We decided to write the most-appearing and publish in the form of an article. We hope that they will help you make the right decision.

Child car seat - what weight range?

As parents, we make various decisions and it is difficult to assess which one is the most appropriate.

Much depends on the financial possibilities and the type of car, and even the frequency with which we drive the car. And so some after the child grows up from the seat 0-13 kilograms (most often when it reaches 6-9 months) they decide on universal child seats for weighing 9-36 kilograms.

Others absolutely do not recommend them, suggesting choosing first a 9-18 kilogram car seat (this car seat will serve an average child for 3-4 years) and then 15-36 kilograms (another few years, up to 12 years old).

There is another option - instead of a car seat 9-18 kilograms - 9-25 kilogram car seat rear-facing (read more). In addition, there is one universal rule - a car seat matched to the car and the child's age, not the color of the upholstery.

It is worth remembering that children less than 1.50 cm up to 12 years old in Poland must use an approved car seat.

The best child seat - rearward facing?

Most experts suggest choosing a rear-facing child seat.

Why? Because in the event of an accident, all forces occurring during the event are absorbed by the seat. When the child sits facing forward, these forces "fall" on the child.

Unfortunately, these forces are huge. For a child weighing 12 kilograms, it's a quarter ton ...
Below is the impact force comparison for front and rear facing seats.

It is also worth considering the option - with or without the isofix system - it all depends on the car model.

How to choose a child car seat?

Recaro Young Sport 9-36

Mr. Bartłomiej recommends: "Recaro Young Sport - I had an accident 3 weeks ago. My grandfather, 82, got into my car. In the backseat sat a wife with her daughter. Grandfather warmed up with the stake. We stood and got in the trunk. The daughter, without any damage, ended up being afraid. "

Kasia, in turn, writes: "It is SAFE - the company speaks for itself, durable material, we have it for over 3 years and have no pilling or abrasions. GREAT, I recommend "

Mounted forward facing.

Price: around PLN 800

Maxi Cosi 2WayPearl 9-18

Ms Agnieszka wrote:

"I have traced the entire Polish and Norwegian market, and I am demanding ... I started searching a few months ago, so I studied the subject thoroughly. The market is flooded with cheap and trash (although sometimes sold at an exorbitant price), but to the point ...

Well, my car seat is not cheap, but as one of the first meets the latest safety requirements (I-size). I hunted him for a long time ... For me, the seat is not a toy - it serves safety, and in this seat you can carry a child rear-facing up to 105 cm tall!

And besides, it's easy to use (isofix + leg - just 3x click). My son is very happy to put him in, although he didn't like driving a car before. I was tempted by the movie, I recommend watching.

It performs well in Scandinavian tests. For a child up to 105 centimeters tall, up to 4 years old!

Price around 900 zlotys

Maxi Costi Mobi 9-25 kg - rearward facing

The seat is designed for children from 9-25 kg or from 9 months to 6 years old. The first rear-facing car seat.

It has four levels of sleeping regulation. The SIP Side Protection System was also used in its production, which maximally protects the child's head during a side impact.

The upholstery of the Maxi Cosi Mobi car seat is made of high quality material, just like in older car seats. The Mobi car seat upholstery can be removed and washed very quickly.

Price around 800-900 zlotys


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