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New recipes for 2015. Attention, important for parents!

New recipes for 2015. Attention, important for parents!

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Each year brings changes. Especially in the regulations. What are we preparing for the new 2015? This is worth knowing!

PIT tax returns for 2014 - how to calculate the child allowance?

For the second year in a row, the family relief will look different. A higher tax rate can be deducted for the third and subsequent children. In addition, worse earners will benefit from the new rules. The legislator gives the possibility to deduct the full allowance - even if during the year the income of the parent / parents of the child did not allow the deduction of the full amount.

The so-called child allowance can be calculated by the parents, foster families or legal guardians of the child who are raising a child up to 18 years of age or up to 25 years of age if he / she is constantly studying.

The next year brings some restrictions for the only parents (the following limits do not apply to parents with two and more children). A taxpayer wishing to take advantage of the relief may not exceed an annual income of:

  • 56 thousand PLN - if he is a single parent
  • 112 thousand PLN - for a marriage bringing up one child.

If this income limit is exceeded, parents cannot take advantage of the annual tax credit.

What relief can we use?

  • for the first child - PLN 1112.04
  • for the second child - PLN 1112.04
  • for the third child - PLN 2000.04
  • fourth and subsequent children - PLN 2700

In 2015, with the PIT tax settlements for 2014, an additional change appeared in favor of people with the lowest salaries. These persons can deduct the maximum amount of the discount, even if they have not paid so much tax in a given year. It was increased for them by an advance on ZUS.

If the sum of tax advances collected during the year does not allow for full deduction of the child allowance, the parent, in addition to the existing PIT / O attachment, is obliged to attach the PIT / UZ form to the settlement.

Most taxpayers will benefit from the changes. They are not beneficial only for employees working in the shadow economy, who do not pay income contributions and ZUS.

End of high maternity in 2015?

For several months there has been information about the imminent removal of the "loophole in law", which allows the future mother to obtain a high maternity allowance of several thousand zlotys per month. Unfortunately, or "fortunate," despite the announcement, work on the bill extends over time and it is difficult to estimate when exactly the bill will come into force.