At the family table with Coca-Cola? I don't buy it, and you?

If the family meals were promoted by the producer of mineral water, natural juices would not be surprised. However, this is how the Coca-Cola manufacturer promotes its products.

A few days ago a "red man" knocked on my door and handed me a bottle of this legendary drink. With a smile stuck to his mouth, he also handed a leaflet. I took.

They give for free, it is known - I did not refuse. If I were more assertive, I would thank and leave a surprised employee of a global giant in front of the door. Unfortunately, I failed this test ... Like thousands of other Poles.

It never crossed my mind that I was manipulated that I was in this world nothing is for free.

I got a very sweet drink before Christmas, after all coincidentally.

After all, most Polish families are now preparing to celebrate Christmas.

We buy for power. We don't want to deny ourselves anything. We want the family holidays to be successful.

Therefore, as planned by the manufacturer, whether or not I want to buy Coca-Cola. No one. A few ... so that they do not run out.

The shops will be closed. Up to two days. That's a lot. During these two days, maybe some of the guests will want to drink a ... family drink with bubbles.

A good impression from the producer who knocked on my door with a bottle of Cola will stay longer. New Year's Eve soon. Cola will be streaming. Everything in honor of the corporation, which did not let me forget the legendary taste ...

If I had finished it would not be enough. However, when I reach for the leaflet that I got with Coca-Cola it gets interesting ...

Coca-Cola advises on how to make joint meals a daily ritual

At least, the author of the brochure tries to prove it to us. He does it really convincingly.

Only ... is it not possible to instill another ritual on these joint dinners, which we do not have more and more time for - as we can drink - do we know what drink to drink together? He?

To talk about nutrition

I can't hide the ironic smile here.

In the leaflet I hold in my hand we will read:

"Family dinner is a great opportunity to talk about nutrition"

And how does Coca-Cola look in this conversation? After all, it has been known for a long time one of the worse choices when it comes to health.

Not so long ago on Facebook, the article in which it was proved popular Coca Cola raises insulin production and leads to fat storage. One can of Cola contains up to 7 large sugar cubes. Unfortunately ... it can contain so much inferior juice or a colorful carbonated drink of another brand.

Besides, they are still phosphoric acidwhich, according to some studies, is supposed to disrupt calcium metabolism, aspartame - responsible in many articles for 92 diseases such as epilepsy, diabetes and emotional hypersensitivity. Coke acid reaction it also has a very negative effect on the condition of the teeth ... That's why you can find so many videos online in which cola allows you to quickly de-rust surfaces, cleanse the worst streaks ... There is another complaint - drinking Cola is addictive. Those who drink know that it is. However, no one has officially proved it - at least not directly.

It's still about children ...

The Coca-Cola producer is not stupid. He will not write directly that his drink is recommended to children. He writes about the kids in the leaflet in a rather twisted way. Anyway, rate it yourself:

"Schoolchildren love independence, and part of that independence is expressed in deciding for themselves what and when they eat. However, this is not all that children can gain from family information. "(Emphasis mine)

Is it only me who sees this message here - let the children be independent, let them decide whether to drink Coke or homemade compote for dinner ...? After all, family dinners have so many benefits, and what is a Coke? Let's remember that joint meals are to be a ritual, i.e. we have to sit with them every day. Of course with cola on the table ...

And there is also a famous quote, words that are in the cloud, arranged as if they were spoken by a bottle of Coca-Cola:

"Before you start eat or drink anything carefully consider with whom you will eat or drink, more than what you will eat " Epicurus (emphasis - mine).

Take care of sport

On the next page we have information about sport and there graphically presented information:

  • correct weight
  • healthy heart
  • well-being
  • lower risk of type II diabetes
  • strong bones ...

It is hard to resist the impression that this is a hidden repulsion of the most important allegations regarding Coca-Cola. On the principle - drink Cola, do sports, you will get only good results. That Cola was unhealthy? What are they saying! Well, you will read in the leaflet that it is as shown in the diagram ... i.e. correct weight, healthy heart ... etc.

Choose your drink

And almost at the very end:

"Any food or drink can find its place in a reasonable and balanced diet, that's why Coca-Cola offers consumers a wide range of drinks including juices, water and low calorie drinks. "

This is probably a supplement for whines like me. Why are you picking on, Woman, after all Coca-Cola is also water and juices. I will not even write about the quality of other manufacturer's suggestions, the problem is that on the brochure there is not a single photo of these products. There are, however, three photographs with Coca-Cola on display. I didn't get water in my hands, but a brown drink. I got Coca Cola for free.

Is only me did I feel manipulated by a producer employing the best marketers, psychologists and copywriters in the world? Was I the only one fooled by the slogan "together at one table" and smiling faces looking from photos? I know that Coca-Cola is unhealthy, I don't give it to my children, and ... after reading this brochure, I have the strange feeling that someone played on my nose.

Does Coca-Cola steal our holidays?

Christmas is coming soon. Coca-Cola takes us Nicholas, Saint Nicholas - Bishop of Mira, sneaking into our heads with one pattern of a red dwarf, which overshadows the true prototype.

After all, Coca-Cola created a familiar old man with a big belly. Nobody remembers that?

Does not matter…

Christmas begins with Coca-Cola ads - a car with a logo entering a "snow-covered" land.

Now the manufacturer goes a step further. He takes our holidays for himself more - he tells us that at the family table "natural aromas without the addition of preservatives" cannot be missing.

Photos stylize old, showing us that it has always been so, that Cola is a drink without which Christmas will not succeed, that cola is a tradition, closeness with family, health itself ...

And he does it great. Only such cheeky people like me have a problem with that. Bless you!