Caretero Diablo XL car seat 9-36 kg

Caretero Diablo XL car seat 9-36 kg

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The Caretero Diablo XL armchair is designed for children from 9 to 36 kilograms. It has the ability to adjust the angle of inclination (three positions), which is why it increases the baby's sleep comfort and improves the quality of traveling during longer trips. In addition, it has an adjustable, spacious headrest. The manufacturer also equipped it with a handle for easy carrying the seat. Available in five colors.


  • lying position (can be folded out): 3 levels of inclination,
  • insert for younger children: the possibility of transporting an older infant,
  • strong construction
  • five-point seat belts,
  • adjustable headrest
  • good stability
  • the car seat is available in several colors,
  • carrying handle,
  • ECE R44 / 04 approval
  • good price: around PLN 350.


  • the car seat is made of a material that easily adheres to dirt and any dirt,
  • medium durability: easy to wipe,
  • fixing the car seat to the car seat is difficult to adjust so that the seat is fixed
  • susceptibility to tangling of belts in the back of the chair
  • average comfort of putting the child in, even in larger cars,
  • too deep fastening of the straps between the legs, which may cause discomfort for older children,
  • planning the belt holder in such a place that when inserting, the toddler almost always has it under his bottom (you could think of a special velcro or pocket holding the holder)
  • high weight: difficult to move the car seat,
  • no information about tests.