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Baby sleds: what to buy?

Baby sleds: what to buy?

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In large supermarkets, neighborhood stores, shopping malls, on the Internet. Sleds in the season can be bought almost anywhere. One would be wrong who claims that a sled is a sled. Among the available models there are many types of sleds with their advantages and disadvantages. Some differ only in details, while others can be distinguished at a glance. We test three models for you, and below we mention other interesting options.


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Wooden sledge with a metal backrest

Our sleds, as befits a boy, are in blue colors. Seat made of fairly strong beech wood, skids and backrest made of metal pipes. The backrest is very useful especially for toddlers, it ensures safety and comfort of riding, unfortunately metal tubes like to weigh in on the child's back, despite the thick jacket. The disadvantage of the backrest is also that when you try to put a pillow under your back, after a while the fun falls, you need to constantly watch it so as not to get lost while riding - because, unfortunately, the originator of the sled did not think that, however the space between the upper part of the backrest and the seat is too big.

Additionally the backrest can be removed (if the child is too big or if it just interferes with play), but we have never used this option. On the other hand, it is a great plus a child can push the sledge.

The sleds are also completely safe, without sharp edges or protruding elements. Another plus is lightness of the sledge, you can easily take them up the stairs several times a day. In addition, they have sleds strong string to pull. The sledge serves us for the second winter, the paint does not chip off and the wood looks like new. During snow games they are great, without any problems they slide and are not overturned. The sled prices start from approx. 60 PLN up - it all depends on the manufacturer.


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Sledge with footrest

We have wooden sleds, which have been reinforced with varnished, pipe-free connecting elements, additionally secured with a special corrosion protection agent. Stable, solidly made, it can support two children and even a lot of weighting adults.

The seat has been firmly attached with screws to the frame. The driving comfort is influenced by the fact that they are made of wooden boards, which are an excellent insulator against cold and direct contact with snow. Our child can use the backrest, which, however, I advise you to put on a folded blanket or pillow to increase the comfort of a small passenger. This element can be removed at any time. For kids who like active riding, they work wooden footrests included.
Unfortunately, a sled They do not have shock absorbers or guide. They can only be managed by a person pulling too long and durable "reins".
Low weight, attractive price and availability in stores speak in their favor.


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Wooden sledge with a backrest and a push and pull rod

We decided to use sleds available in the Fortus offer - sleds made of beech wood. It is a classic model ideal for older and younger children. It has a comfortable backrest, thanks to which the toddler can sit and even lie down in the sleeping bag and the contoured shape, allowing legs to be placed slightly lower than other parts of the body.

The sleds are very comfortable to ride, mainly because they have a rod that can be used for pushing and pulling (depending on how we arrange it). This is a very practical option, I did not expect how much. Pulling is generally reliable, even when you want to drive over a snow-covered sidewalk with a small amount of snow, while the push function allows you to walk with a sled like a cart and breathe during longer walks. An undoubted plus is also the ability to observe the child, without having to turn around.

However, there are also minuses: making the sledge made of 100% wood makes them quite heavy (when worn, but also when we want to move faster on uneven terrain). It is also not possible to dismantle the backrest. However, there is an option to remove the rod, which is attached with screws.

And what sleds do you have?

Many manufacturers offer twins sleds, interestingly looking foam sleds (but are they practical and durable?), As well as sleds bought with a pusher (without the translation option) and a separate pull strap (this element can be additionally bought for a few zlotys) . In addition, a slide category, which allows you to quickly move and slide on hills, is a separate category.

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