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Activity Original in a new, refreshed version

Activity Original in a new, refreshed version

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Activity is a cult game based on classic principles - puns. Released for the first time in 1993. From then on, it was often chosen as a family and party game.

Now available in a new, refreshed version.

The board game is recommended for persons over 12 years of age. Prepared for a minimum of three players, optimally 4.

The rules are very simple, but some passwords are so difficult that I have doubts whether the 12-year-old will handle them.

Players are divided into two groups.

The task is to guess the passwords on the cards. Passwords can be drawn, shown or told (depending on the field in which we are).

Cards with passwords are available in three levels of difficulty - 3.4 and 5 - the player decides which one to choose. The hourglass guesses the password.

The cards also have red passwords. If we find them, everyone can guess the password - the division into groups does not apply. Guessing the passwords allows you to get much more points and get to the finish faster - this diversifies the fun.

Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the older game, so I do not know if the new version has really been improved. What is thrown at first glance is the number of cards - the most are cards with numbers 5 and 4, a little less 3. The previous version contained the least cards with number 5. The manufacturer took this heart to heart and improved the game.

Another complaint is the large box that could be significantly reduced by slightly reducing the board. Personally, this doesn't bother me, but in the interior of the box ... emptiness, you could, if it was the will, plan them more economically.

Plus for careful workmanship and simple graphic design (if we like it).

Thank you for sharing the game for review.