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Some freshly baked mothers looking at their enlarged bust, do not hide satisfaction. In the end it is what they always wanted to have: a large and nicely filling bra. On the other hand, they are very worried about its appearance and about how it will look after breastfeeding. Is there anything though? Are their fears valid? How to care for breasts while breastfeeding?

For many young mothers, it seems that the most important is good firming lotion or specialized cream for breastfeeding. However, this is not entirely true. Breasts during lactation, at least theoretically, no longer require as much attention as during pregnancy. You no longer need to protect them so much against stretch marks. The changes that were supposed to have arisen were probably made long ago.

The basis is protection of "tired" breasts against aggressive external factors, for example cold. Breasts should not be lactated expose to swimming in cold water or on wrap. Dress appropriately for the weather: neither too light nor too thick.

The basis is of course also comfortable, non-pressure bra.

A good rule is refraining from washing the nipples with soap. Especially when we have very sensitive skin. The cleaning substances contained in the soap often make the skin dry and crack. Prophylactically after feeding is worth it spread a few drops of milk on the nipples, a substance that is the best and simply natural protection. If you do not have trouble with irritation and burning, you can give up all types of ointments and care products.

A good rule is also to make sure the breasts were dry. It is important that the nipple is not exposed to a humid environment, which may cause infection.

Below you will find a list of preparations for the care of breasts and warts during pregnancy and breastfeeding prepared by our expert, Master in Medical Biotechnology
and pharmacy technician Izabela Glaza.

Pharmaceris M - Pharmaceris M Bustfirm line

Firming cream for breast care during pregnancy and feeding - about PLN 36 - PLN 40 / 100ml

Pharmaceris M (M - Motherhood) line is hypoallergenic products, which is quite safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Recommended by gynecologists and also by many pharmacists. These preparations sell very well at the pharmacy where I work. Patients are happy with them, praising their actions. The preparations in this series have been tested with the participation of pregnant and lactating women at the Institute of Mother and Child.

This line is especially recommended Pharmaceris M Bustfirm, hypoallergenic and odorless product. Adapted to the requirements of the skin of a pregnant woman (from 4 months) as well as during and after breastfeeding. The composition of the cream has been prepared so that firm, moisturize and nourish the skin weakened stretching. The skin becomes more elastic and is more resistant to stretch marks. The content of this preparation is also an advantage soothing substancesthat reduce the feeling of tightness of the breast skin and soothe irritation of the nipples. Unfortunately, the cream is not suitable for applying to damaged, cracked or bleeding nipples!

Patients praise consistency Pharmaceris M Bustfirm, which is delicate and creamy. It is easily absorbed, and thanks to the fact that it does not contain fragrance compositions, preservatives and dyes, it also works well during breastfeeding, when any of these substances could discourage the baby from sucking.

Active ingredients of the cream:

  • Vitamin E, or vitamin of youth, which prevents premature aging of the skin and protects against inflammation,
  • Rapeseed oil - stimulates epidermis regeneration, has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects,
  • allantoin - effectively soothes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin,
  • D-panthenol - has a moisturizing effect, soothing irritations.

The light, delicate and creamy texture of the preparation facilitates its application to sensitive breast skin and ensures quick absorption.

Usage: the product should be applied twice a day, paying particular attention to the method of application: starting from the bottom of the breast, gently spreading the cream in circular motions. The manufacturer recommends washing the breasts before each feeding. The preparation can be used, like most preparations of this type, from the second trimester, i.e. from the 4th month of pregnancy.

Mustela 9 months - Special cream for breast care (125ml)

(price around 65-90 PLN)

Mustela 9 months for breast care prevents sagging and loss of elasticity of the breast skin, reduces the feeling of tension. It contains several active substances:

  • Elastoregulator and Lupeolwhich stimulate the production of natural collagen, increasing the firmness and elasticity of the skin, which makes it more resistant to changes in breast volume;
  •  active moisturizing ingredients: marigold extract, glycerin and silicon providing strong moisturizing, regenerating and soothing effect;
  • marigold and escin reduce the feeling of tension and soreness of the breast, improve patient comfort.

Usage: the cream should be applied twice a day: in the morning and in the evening, gently massaging in a circular motion and thus spreading the preparation on the skin of the breast, décolleté and neck. Contrary to the Pharmaceris proposal, Mustela cream is recommended for use from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of breastfeeding

Mustela 9 months Cream for breast warts (30ml)

Mustela breast wart cream is a hypoallergenic product, complete protection especially for irritated skin of the breast warts. Facilitates feedingmaking them more comfortable.

Protects, cleanses and moisturizes delicate skin of the nipples, as a consequence of which it becomes more durable, elastic and particularly protected against irritation. The cream applied to the nipples soothes their soreness, irritation and tension.
Mustela cream should be applied to previously washed warts after each feeding and when you feel the need.

Bepanthen ointment

(30g / approx. 18 PLN, 100g / approx. 42 PLN)

Bepanthen is a topical medicine that contains the active substance: dexpanthenol. This substance penetrates under the skin and is transformed into panthenol, which allows you to regenerate irritated skin. Bepanthen can also be used as a preventive measure to prevent irritation during feeding.

Before each feeding, remember to wash your nipples, and apply the cream only after feeding.

Composition: dexpanthenol, protegin X, cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, white wax, lanolin, white petrolatum, almond oil, liquid paraffin, purified water.

Maltan - an ointment for nipple care during pregnancy and breastfeeding

(approx. PLN 18)

Maltan ointment was created for the care of nipples during breastfeeding. It cares for proper hydration of the skin and its protection against external factors. contains completely safe to use glucose, which inhibits bacterial growth and prevents pedestrians' inflammation.

The ointment is safe when used due to no fragrances and preservatives.
The preparation can also be used during pregnancy to "harden" warts before delivery (for this purpose it should be applied two months before the planned delivery). The habit of feeding the nipples is intended to simultaneously encourage the infant to actively suck.

How to use: During lactation, after each feeding, it is recommended to use nipple compresses made of sterile gauze or breast protectors containing 2-3 cm ointment. Remove excess ointment.

Composition: Aqua, Glucose, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petrolatum, Paraffin Wax, Glyceryl Oleate, Propylene Glycol.

Alantan Plus ointment and Alantan Plus cream

Both preparations contain allantoin and dexpanthenol.

Allantoin acts keratolytic (exfoliating), protects the skin, improves skin hydration and supports wound healing.
Dexopanthenol penetrates deep into the skin, where it transforms into pantothenic acid. Increased demand for pantothenic acid occurs in the case of damage and various types of skin dysfunction. Dexpanthenol has the ability to bind water, which increases the elasticity of the skin.
One of the most common uses of these preparations is irritation (e.g. nipples during breastfeeding).

Ziajka mamma mia lana ointment for nipple care during pregnancy and feeding

Ziajka ointment contains 100% highly purified lanolin, which soothes irritation occurring during breastfeeding. Perfectly moisturizes, softens the skin and oils it. The preparation does not contain preservatives, dyes or fragrances.

Usage: Apply the ointment with gentle, circular movements, massaging it onto the nipples and around them. You don't need to wash your warts before feeding which is undoubted convenience when using the preparation. Can be used once to several times a day depending on your needs. The preparation, like Maltan cream, can be used two months before delivery to temper the nipples, that is, to properly prepare the nipples for breastfeeding.

Do you have any proven ways to protect your breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding? What preparations did you use? Share your experiences!