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Vaccines tested without permission on patients? It sounds like horror, and it really happened

Vaccines tested without permission on patients? It sounds like horror, and it really happened

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It is growing around vaccines a lot of controversy. On the one hand, many organizations encourage children to be vaccinated not only with primary vaccines, but also with additional vaccines, doctors argue about the positive effect of injected agents, on the other, unfortunately, numerous decisions to withdraw preparations from the market (due to irregularities) and real scandals with vaccines in the background make that it's hard to trust in authorities. There is growing talk about mass propaganda and acting to the detriment of humanity. Parents become suspicious, they question official recommendations. They are afraid. It is hardly surprising, especially if we trace scandals, which, unfortunately, quite a few lately.

Experiments on people in Grudziadz

In little Grudziadz in 2007 Fluad vaccines were experimentally administeredH5N1 - often without the consent and knowledge of patients. An ad was issued in the clinic about free vaccines, not experimental studies!

At the "Good Medical Practice" clinic, specifics of, among others, bird flu were injected into the homeless. They got money for it, which they later spent on alcohol. It would probably not have happened, had it not been for the quarrel of two people in the shelter named after Brother Albert. Men argued about the amount of vaccination rate - one was to get 5 zlotys, the other 30 zlotys. Of course, the one who got less was very indignant. As a side note, it is worth adding that the research commissioner - the pharmaceutical company allocated 60 zlotys for "remuneration" for vaccinated persons. These patients did not receive the money or only partially.

This is not the end of the story. The director of the shelter admits that many homeless people have not returned to the shelter after being vaccinated. Shortly after vaccinations, more funerals took place than before.

The experimental vaccine was given not only to the homeless. "Normal" patients who were supposed to obtain confirmation that they were getting the flu vaccine, and not the agent not yet in official circulation, were also convinced.

How did the case end? In Polish conditions, the process dragged on for years. After five years in Toruń's court, the verdict was finally passed.

The final was easy to predict - two years suspended for doctors - clinic owners and five years of banning the profession. Fine and refund for the sponsor's research. The medical company that ordered the tests on behalf of the Novartis Deutschland concern turned out to be injured. Yes, yes, the company is not the patients whose lives and health have been exposed. Why? Because the vaccine cannot harm, and the homeless have died for another reason - not a vaccine. No one else has died so there is no matter.

The expert escaped the fact that the vaccine was in an experimental phase, that it went to people who were often destroyed by alcoholism, in difficult conditions, malnourished, etc. Can it be assumed at all that something that has not been tested can be safe? Is it possible to persuade people to vaccinate against influenza and then give unapproved specifics without the knowledge of those involved?

Vaccine scandal in Italy

At the end of November this year, two Fluad vaccines against influenza were withdrawn in Italy and investigations into the deaths of vaccinated persons were initiated. The vaccine that aroused controversy was created to protect especially the elderly, often chronically ill.

The death of several people occurred in 48H after receiving the vaccination. However, the institutions responsible for monitoring the pharmaceutical market did not find a causal relationship between vaccine administration and deaths.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the doubt. To make it more interesting, the scandal with the same vaccines broke out two years earlier. In 2012, the Turin Prosecutor's Office investigated the suspension of several million vaccines on the market. These preparations were withdrawn because there was a high risk of them causing adverse vaccination reactions.

The Crucell and Novartis companies then appealed to those who had already bought the vaccine not to take them. In healthy service there was chaos, great confusion and ambiguity. There were rumors in Poland that withdrawn vaccines from Italy went to our country. However, this could not be confirmed.

Everything above is facts. They can be easily confirmed by following the internet news.

We feel unpleasant when we read about it. And what do you think about these cases? Incidents? Is it a real threat?